2022 Election Picks

We are pleased to bring you our 2022 Washington State Primary Election Picks.

The candidates highlighted in YELLOW are our CLW-Endorsed Candidates. Each of these candidates aligns with our mission and vision for electing America First candidates who are committed to upholding our Constitutional rights and draining the swamp! Each of these candidates is PRO LIFE, PRO GOD, PRO GUNS, PRO FREEDOM.

Candidates highlighted in green are those that we know to be true conservatives and we are pleased to align ourselves with them. In some cases, you will be selecting the “BETTA” candidate (BEtter Than The Alternative). Sometimes that is a “squishy”, RINO, establishment Republican but they are better than a radical left democrat. If you have questions, please reach out to our team at VOTE@conservativeladiesofwa.com

*Check back for more updates and local level picks