A Time of Remembrance

A Time of Remembrance

*By Debbi Anderson, Conservative Ladies of Washington Education Lead

Today is a time of remembrance for the Right.  A year ago George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.  They’re announcing this all over.  Don’t forget what we’re fighting for!  Don’t forget George Floyd, an innocent black man who died way before his time.  Don’t forget the police brutality that was called murder!!

As if their passion requires anything to ignite it.  It’s what the Left does best.  They don’t forget and they make the Right pay for years and years.


But what about the Right?  Let’s look at what has happened since George Floyd died?

There was the rise of a group called Antifa who wreak havoc and destruction on any property, all in the name of justice.  Power was firmly put on the Black community under the name of BLM.

Judgment on who you are is now based 100% on the color of your skin.  If you are white, you are a supremacist and you have oppressed everyone in your path.  If you are black, you have been oppressed and you are owed something.

13 year olds can now make decisions about their care.  They can have major surgery to alter their bodies and parents have no rights.  Young elementary children are told they don’t have to identify as a boy or girl; in fact, it’s better if they decide what they should be.  Sex education is now offered to destroy their innocence.  I will remember what they tried to do to our children and pray for them as they are measured for their millstone.

Pastors are arrested for the sole reason of having a church service.  I will always remember the highway scene of the pastor and his brother are arrested and dragged off.

All semblance of God in Washington, D.C. is mostly removed.

Churches, businesses, schools are closed in fear of something that has 98% recovery rates.  We are forced to wear masks.  To defy this could mean being arrested.  They are attempting to force everyone to be vaccinated.

Critical Race Theory, Equality Act, systemic racism, have slipped into our culture and proclaimed as positive directions.

We have been divided.  There is the woke group, and then there is us:  Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, whatever we want to be called.  The goal is to silence us and to ultimately remove us and then remove God.  I will remember the starkness of a country without God.

The Constitution is attacked.  Some have called it powerless and not meant to have authority over our country.  The First Amendment is attacked, the Second Amendment is attacked, the Fifth Amendment is attacked, the Supreme Court is threatened to be packed, Washington D.C. is made a state.

There is a fence around the greatest place of government, keeping any dissension OUT.  January 6 is the rallying call.  “Trump encouraged the capital riots!!”  It’s old news continually bought before us.  They want us to remember!  Some of the people who were there simply to support Trump are still in isolation in jails waiting for their trial.  Those who actually incited the riots are free on bail, or not charged at all.  I’m going to remember that.

In the most powerful position in the world sits a man who should be resting comfortably in a home for the aged and weak, maybe with those in early dementia.  We are an embarrassment to the world and we are laughed at.  Standing in waiting is a birthing person (I just can’t call her a lady) of such contemptible character that there can be no hope for redemption and only a certainty of America slipping further away.


BUT…and it is a huge BUT!!


Governors are fighting back and WINNING.  Bad governors are being recalled.  People are stepping up to the plate and fighting back.  We no longer need to be encouraged to have a voice and DO something.  Many of us have jumped on the campaign wagon and we now have incredible people lined up to be on school boards and city councils, and strong, godly people are running for state and federal positions in Congress.  America has risen to meet the challenge.   I will remember the feeling of thrill and hope with each step!

I am still optimistic about the future of America.  I have never lost my optimism.  We are at the brink of the cliff, and we are backing away.  I believe America will be restored.   I know there are those who believe we are close to the end times and America will disappear.  Maybe so.  I went to seminary but I sure don’t know the answer to that.  I happen to believe America is the only Melting Pot in the world.  Maybe, just maybe, when the Bible mentions the East, it is including all the people in America who are from the East.  When it mentions God’s people (Israel), it is including all the Jewish people in America.  And maybe we are in the end times.  If so, it’s not as horrible as I thought it would be.  If it is the end, and God comes for His people, you can call me on it as we rise with Him in the air.  I think I can take the rebuke.

I digress.


Do you remember how I began this?  It’s George Floyd’s death anniversary.  Remember the date, we are told.  When the smoke clears and America is restored, will we remember?  Will we remember the harbingers that we should have risen up against—the twice attempted impeachment of a great man, the secret meetings of Democrats with all new rules, the faux Russian conspiracy, the corruption of a presidential candidate and a former President who plan on overtaking America (and yet nothing is done to them).  A President’s campaign was spied upon by the FBI for heaven’s sake!  And there were no repercussions.


The good news is we see what they are capable of.  No longer are we the innocent ones who say, “No way!  That could never happen.”  We see the evil for what it is.  We know the targets are the aged and the children.  We know how close we came to losing our America.  We have learned.  We have seen the harbingers and we will recognize them again.  We will never be silent again.  We will rise up against any little step taking us on the wrong path.  We have learned the power of our voice and the force of our presence.  We will remember.





Conservative Ladies of Washington

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