Are You Willing to Be Uncomfortable?

Are You Willing to Be Uncomfortable?

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Today is October 6th, 2021 and we are just 12 days away from the vaccine mandate deadline for workers in Washington state to be declared “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 or lose their jobs. Beginning October 25th, restaurants in King County will require proof of vaccination for patrons to enter the establishment. It’s for certain that this “vaccine passport” idea will spread to other counties in the state very soon.


Many people have drawn their line in the sand. They have made their decision about getting the vaccine. Now, let me go on record: I am not “anti vax”, I am, however, pro choice. I have received most of my vaccines and I’ve vaccinated my children (for the most part). I don’t get an annual flu shot because I have learned by trial and error that my body seems to do better relying on my natural immune system. I appreciate having the freedom of choice as to what I inject into my body. I have made my choice – drawn my line in the sand. I won’t be getting the vaccine.


That choice comes with consequences. Our government is using this vaccine to threaten and strong-arm citizens into compliance. There are many reasons I believe this is happening, but that’s not the point of this article. The consequences of choosing not to be vaccinated are going to be very uncomfortable…by design. The consequences are designed to be so uncomfortable they will force people into compliance. And it has worked for hundreds of thousands of people.


Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t eat in a restaurant.

Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t keep your job.

Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t travel certain places.

Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t attend school/college.

Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t go to the professional sports game.

Don’t get a vaccine? Can’t get the same healthcare.


The list goes on. I had someone say to me the other day about my refusal to get vaccinated: “But at what point are you just hurting yourself by not getting a vaccine? Don’t you want to be able to travel and do all the things?” Sure, I’d like to be able to move about the country freely but I have drawn my line in the sand and I am well aware that means there are things I can’t do and places I can’t go and that is definitely going to change my lifestyle. These are consequences I am willing to accept to keep my freedom of choice of what I inject into my body.


Are you willing to deal with the discomfort that is to come as a result of your non-compliance? If we’re not willing to take a stand and deal with the discomfort and so we cave to the demands of a tyrannical government, we are going to continue to see them grabbing our freedoms and liberties. There is no end to these mandates and restrictions until we each make a choice to stand up and say NO MORE.

There is no end to these mandates and restrictions until we each make a choice to stand up and say NO MORE.

This is only the beginning, so if you think it’s uncomfortable now, just wait! If just reading this gives you anxiety, I encourage you to consider what kind of a country we will be leaving for our children and grandchildren if we refuse to stand up for freedom. We are on the fast track to a radical left Marxist society that will look nothing like what our forefathers created America to be. We will not be leaving our children free country.


The men and women of our armed forces give up their comforts to fight for this country. If you’ve ever read the accounts of our veterans, you have a small idea of just how uncomfortable it can be to serve. They give up everything and they are fully prepared to give up their lives too. While we are not suiting up for battle over seas, we need to consider that what we are doing here on the home front by standing our ground is a similar, but different, kind of battle. It’s another battle to defend this country.


Discomfort might mean not going places and doing things. It may also mean giving up some of our everyday luxuries that we have become so accustomed to…Amazon dropping whatever you need at your doorstep, Uber Eats for dinner if you don’t feel like cooking. I believe it is going to get much more difficult and uncomfortable for those of us who have drawn the line in the sand. We must be prepared in every way. Get your mind right, get your house right and above all else, get right with God!


When I was a fitness professional coaching athletes I frequently told them: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I say that to you today…the time is now.


This is a worthy fight. Embrace the discomfort.




Conservative Ladies of Washington

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