Biden’s Bloody Border

Biden’s Bloody Border

*By Vincent Cavaleri, Contributing Writer, Mill Creek City Council, Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff


As the Biden administration ushers in its ill-advised border policies, in what can only be construed as uninformed or indifferent, the body count continues to rise at the nation’s southern border. An SUV carrying 25 people slammed into a semi-truck in Holtville, California killing 13 of them, that number is expected to rise. The Biden open border policy has given human smugglers or “coyotes” the green light to victimize innocent refugees. In what’s becoming an all to grotesque reminder of liberal policies, the human traffickers are profiting off the misery of migrants; with the White House waving the checkered flag as they cross the border.


When police arrived on scene, many victims were trying to crawl out from the 1997 Ford Explorer, which had been mangled beyond recognition. Just to give you some context, here’s how you get 25 people into a 1997 SUV. First, you rip out the seats and center consoles. Second, demand money from poverty-stricken migrants; tag them with “cartel wristbands” and then stack them like cordwood into the vehicle. The deceased ranged from age 15-53 and were an equal mix of men and women. Many were still being treated for fractures and massive head trauma.


This is the “dark winter” Joe Biden has promised us. One failure after the next as he pushes to erase the Trump presidency and successes at the border. His border policy and open invitation to migrants and refugees has flooded Immigration and Customs enforcement; and created a fabricated calamity in his first month. To make matters worse, if that were possible; the Border Patrol has been forced to release 108 refugees that have tested positive for COVID, onto American streets during a pandemic. According to the Border Patrol, under the new Biden executive order, they have no legal authority to hold them in a detention facility.


The Trump border program was a humane way to keep migrants from illegally flooding into the southern states. Countries like Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras were rewarded for giving shelter to their own people while they await the asylum process, this decreased the number held in US facilities; not to mention the casualties created by human smugglers. The Biden administration’s process serves to undermine those immigrating to the United States the correct and legal way.


Border Patrol agents say they are overwhelmed with a surge of migrants in parts of Texas because of the Biden restart of “catch and release”. Agents, officials and analysts say a combination of “relaxed Biden border polices, coronavirus restrictions and overcrowding” have been the catalyst for migrant surge in Texas. One agent told the Washington Post, “the surge will eventually spread to New Mexico, Arizona and California”.


One horrific paradox that cannot be ignored, is that we are releasing COVID positive migrants into America, but Americans are still locked down in many of these cities and states. American citizens have had their freedoms restricted, their right to due-process restricted, their jobs and businesses eliminated, but migrants get a free pass at the American border. It’s a sickening realization when you say it out loud. This is the democrats in a nutshell. There is nothing humane about propelling COVID positive refugees into local American communities.


This is another intentional crisis inflicted on the American people as some sort of side-show for a Marxist style take-over of our government. The media and big tech continue to collaborate for profit and gain. Whether it’s the new border crisis, troops around the Capitol, riots and looting or COVID lockdowns, they are all brought to you by Democrat leadership. Welcome to Marxism.

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