Making America Great Again Starts Local

The best way to affect change is to start local, right in your community. Do you know what’s going on at your local, taxpayer-funded library? Do you know what your city/county council is prioritizing right now?

I constantly hear from people: “I had no idea this was happening in __ (or state legislature, my school district, my city council, etc)”

Knowledge is power. If we don’t even know what’s going on in our local community, we certainly cannot change it. This week I challenge you to take 10 minutes to dig in and find out. Don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave your phone or computer.

But be warned: with knowledge comes responsibility. Once you know what’s going on, you will have to make a choice to speak up & stand up…or do nothing. Not everyone needs to run for elected office or speak at school board meetings. Taking action can be informing those in your “circle of influence” on the facts of what is going on, encourage them to vote and take action. There are various levels of action, and all are needed to create change.

Here’s your homework this week:

Get to know your local community. It’s important to know where your city/county stands on many of the issues that have become a focus of the radical left which have infiltrated every part of our society and become a danger to our children. What once was “tolerance” has led to young children being put on puberty blockers and genital mutilation. It is all inter-woven and inter-connected. We must be aware.

Go to your city website: search “proclamations”, search “diversity”, “inclusion”

Go to your local library website: search the same terms, look at events, extra credit: browse book selections, especially for “anti-racism” and “lgbtq+”

Extra credit: Adopt a candidate.
Learn about the candidates running for office in your legislative district, congressional district, city or county. Reach out to that candidate, make a donation, volunteer to doorbell, sign wave or help the campaign in other ways. Candidates need YOUR help to get elected. Establishing a relationship now will be helpful in communicating on issues once that candidate is elected.

Did you do the homework? We’d love to hear what you did and what you found and what action you took or are going to take. Email us and let us know!

Fauci to Leave Biden Administration

It seems like good news for a Monday morning: Dr. Anthony Fauci announces that, after 50 years, he will be leaving his positions as Chief Medical Advisor to the President and Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

I say it “seems” like good news because Dr. Fauci also said:

“While I am moving on from my current positions, I am not retiring,” Fauci said in a statement Monday. “After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field. I want to use what I have learned as NIAID Director to continue to advance science and public health and to inspire and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders as they help prepare the world to face future infectious disease threats.”

What could the “next phase” be for Fauci…so many possibilities. Surely Fauci’s inflated self-perception will not allow him to simply “retire.” I predict he will partner up with some of his evil friends and together, they will continue carrying out their big plans for humanity.

Last month Fauci announced that he would be retiring at the end of Biden’s first term in 2024, so yesterday’s announcement was a bit of a surprise just one month later saying he would be leaving two years sooner than planned. The timing should not be lost on us. Does Fauci predict a Republican majority in the House or Senate in 2023? Could Tony Fauci be trying to evade the certain congressional oversight he would be faced with if Republicans take a majority come November? It’s definitely a convenient time for “The Fauch” to move along.

Not so fast, according to Senator Rand Paul, one of the biggest thorns in Fauci’s side. Senator Paul tweeted: “Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.”

Rand Paul on Twitter: “Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in oncerning the lab leak.” / Twitter

Congressman Jim Banks made a similar statement on Twitter following Fauci’s announcement: “Republicans must remain committed to holding Fauci accountable even after he steps down to make sure no one in his position ever abuses the public trust again.”

When Tony Fauci leaves his job as the highest paid government employee ($480,654 annually. In comparison, Joe Biden’s annual salary is $400,000) he is set to receive the highest pension in American history at $414,000 in the first year. According to financial records, Fauci made $1.8 MILLION in 2020 – how much were you making in 2020?

We cannot forget what Fauci did to this country, to thousands…millions…. of Americans, to businesses across this country. Lives were lost, jobs and businesses were lost, pensions were lost, families and relationships destroyed because of this man’s “sciencing.” We must not forget, and we must require that our Republicans in congress hold him accountable. We cannot allow him to leave his current post and ride off into the sunset and into the private sector where he will surely continue his agenda.

It’s a good day and this is good news, but Fauci must be held accountable for his crimes against humanity.

We will continue to watch this story and we will pray that God will bring justice and restoration to the millions of lives that have been devastated by the evil of this man and so many others.

3 Days. 3 Shot. 3 Dead.

I’ve lived in Snohomish County for most of my life. My parents still live in the home we moved into 45 years ago on my 2nd birthday. For all but a few years, I’ve also raised my own family in Snohomish County. For the most part, the county used to be pretty rural, lots of farmland and horse pastures. Over the last few decades, I have watched as these farmhouses were torn down, the land developed, and tens or hundreds of homes built in their place. South Snohomish County is mostly urban and quickly spreading throughout the rest of the county.

I love it here. It’s always been a good place, a safe place.

Thanks to radical left Democrat policies, I can’t say this any longer.

Crime is rampant. Drug use is raging. I can’t take my kids to the grocery store without watching someone get high in the parking lot. Homelessness is prevalent. The Next Door app is flooded with reports of neighborhood theft. And this weekend, over the course of 3 days, 3 people were shot and all 3 of those people are dead.

Friday morning there was a home invasion in an otherwise nice and safe neighborhood. Three men entered the home, shot the wife/mother, and fled the scene on foot. The wife was pronounced dead on the scene.

On Saturday, there was a shooting of a 27-year-old man in Granite Falls by a 22 year old man. The victim is dead.

On Sunday, at the time I’m writing this article, a third victim has been shot and killed and the suspect, a 5’08 black male, is on the loose. A manhunt with K9s and drones is underway.

Meanwhile, the state Attorney General, Bob Ferguson is busy tweeting juvenile tweets at Tim Eyman and suing the state of Idaho for their ban on abortion. Snohomish County is not the only county in Washington with a huge crime problem, it’s just the one I happen to live in. This is happening all over Washington state. My friends in Spokane say it’s getting bad over there as well. The east side has long been known as the “sane side.” But thanks to policies made in Olympia by radical left Democrats, no county in the state is truly safe anymore.

What’s happening?

Unless you’re paying close attention, (because the mainstream media won’t tell you) you may not realize that the state legislature, controlled by a Democrat majority, has been passing soft-on-crime laws that do not hold criminals accountable, due in part to democrats seeking laws to be “equitable.” In the 2021 session, they passed 13 “police reform” laws that have tied the hands of law enforcement officers and made it difficult for them to protect our communities.

Over the last year and a half, my involvement in our legislative process has taught me a lot. More than anything, it has impressed upon me, that the place where our attention is most needed is at this foundational level of lawmaking. If we do not change the people who are making our laws, we will continue to see these disastrous policies come out of Olympia. We will continue to see the deterioration of our communities and this beautiful state that we love.

I hope that you are angry like me. And I hope you direct that anger into meaningful action (and of course, peaceful.)

Here are a few things that you can do RIGHT NOW:

  • Find out who is running in your legislative district (LD). If you’ve got a democrat incumbent, be sure to vote for the Republican on the ballot. It may not be a “conservative Republican,” but even a squishy Republican is better than an evil leftist. The voter’s guide is not up yet for the general election, but you can use this results page to search for your LD and find the top 2 candidates – these will be on your November ballot. If you have questions, reach out to our team at and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Support the Republican candidates who are running in your district. Reach out to them. Get to know them now so that you can communicate with them in January when the session starts.
  • Become a member of CLW. Our team is already working on our 2023 legislative strategy. There are several ways you can participate during the session, depending on time available to commit.
  • Get armed! If you don’t already own a firearm and know how to use it, please put that on your to-do list, top priority!

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Official Endorsement: Joe Cotta for State Representative LD8, Seat 2

Endorsement of Joe Cotta, State Representative – 8th LD

*CLW Founder, Julie Barrett issued a personal endorsement of Joe Cotta during the Washington Primary. Now that Joe has advanced to the general and will be facing a Republican who is endorsed by the WEA (teachers union) and other PACs, special interest and activist groups, we felt it was important to issue an official endorsement on behalf of Conservative Ladies of Washington

On behalf of Conservative Ladies of Washington, it is my honor to give my full support and endorsement to Joe Cotta for State Representative in Washington’s 8th legislative district.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Joe personally through our shared faith in Christ, love for country and the great state of Washington. I am thrilled that Joe has made the choice to step up and serve his district and our state in this way.

Joe is a family man with strong conservative values. At a time when our nuclear family is under attack by the left from our babies in the womb to our children being indoctrinated in government schools, we need a representative that will fight fiercely to protect the family and parental rights. For years we have seen Washington Democrats pass anti-family, anti-parent legislation and we need strong conservatives in the legislature to fight against this. I have no doubt Joe will do just that when he is elected to our state legislature.

The 8th LD will be fortunate to have Joe Cotta working on their behalf in Olympia. Joe’s knowledge of agriculture and region-specific issues is unmatched. As we see our freedoms and Constitutional Rights being attacked at every turn, Joe will fight for us, and he won’t back down. Joe is kind and compassionate, yet firm and unwavering. Voters can count on Joe to be a man of integrity and be true to his word once he is elected to office.

Julie Barrett

Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Learn more about Joe, contribute to his campaign and learn about volunteer opportunities: Wa District 8 | Joe Cotta (

Official Endorsement: Brandon Beynon for State Representative LD31

Endorsement of Brandon Beynon, Washington State Representative, LD31

It is with great hope and confidence that we give our full support and official endorsement to Brandon Beynon, candidate for State Representative in the 31st Legislative District of Washington.

We believe that change in Washington state will only come when the establishment and career politicians are challenged by citizens who are willing to step up and serve the people. After years of frustration from trying to work with a representative who was unresponsive, Brandon decided it was time to challenge the incumbent to give a voice to the people in his community.

One of our top priorities is to “drain the swamp.” That means electing true servants of the people who will bring real representation to Washington. As a small business owner, Brandon understands the real concerns facing our business owners from out-of-control taxes and regulations to Covid mandates and restrictions. He will work with other leaders in our legislature on laws that will allow a better environment for our businesses where they can grow and thrive.

Another top issue for CLW is protecting our children and the rights of parents. Brandon is committed to working towards giving families choices in educations, particularly as it pertains to school funding, which he believes should follow the student. Brandon will work towards undoing radical left legislation that has given our state government more rights to our children than their own parents. Brandon believes that parents should have the right to make health-related and education decisions for their minor children.

Brandon has a servant’s heart which is much needed in our government. We believe that he will give a voice to the people of Washington and work to advance issues will benefit our citizens, not just advance the agenda of the establishment. Electing leaders like Brandon is how we will save our state, and this is why we are proud to stand with Brandon Beynon and officially endorse him as the choice for the 31st LD state representative.

You can learn more, contact and support Brandon’s compaign at VOTE BEYNON – Home

Change won’t happen if YOU don’t vote!

Official Endorsement: Bernard Moody, State Senate LD38

Endorsement of Bernard Moody, Washington State Senate, LD38

We are honored to give our full endorsement to Washington State Senate candidate for the 38th Legislative District, Bernard Moody.

Bernard joined the United States Marines at the age of 17 where he learned the qualities of leadership, service, and sacrifice. Bernard has been serving in the law enforcement field in his community for over 30 years. He has lived and worked in the 38th legislative district in Everett since 1997 where he serves as a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Sargent.

At a critical time in our state when it is imperative that we restore law and order to our communities, we feel that Bernard is a candidate who will bring his experience in law enforcement to our State Senate. Bernard understands firsthand how important it is to empower and equip our law enforcement personnel with the tools and procedures they need to be able to protect our citizens.

Bernard shares the things that are most important to the Conservative Ladies of Washington such as: putting America First, defending our Constitution, draining the swamp of career politicians, the right to life, restoring the nuclear family and acknowledging parent’s right to make decisions for their children.

Not only is Bernard compassionate and have a servant’s heart, but he also cares deeply about his community, our state and bringing a voice for the people to Olympia. He is a man of integrity, honor, and humility.  Bernard Moody is a candidate we are truly honored to stand beside in this fight to save Washington state.

You can learn more, contact and support Bernard Moody’s campaign at About | Bernard for Senate (

Change won’t happen if YOU don’t vote!

Official Endorsement: Tamborine Borrelli, Secretary of State

Endorsement of Tamborine Borrelli, Washington Secretary of State

We are pleased to give our full endorsement to Secretary of State candidate, Tamborine Borrelli.

In a time when saying things like “election integrity” and “election fraud” have somehow become controversial, Tamborine is a candidate who is willing to pursue truth, speak truth and not back down.

Tamborine is the only America First candidate running for Washington’s Secretary of State. She is an election integrity investigator who has filed 8 lawsuits to audit the 2020 ballots. She sued Jay Inslee regarding the State practice of allowing non-citizens to be automatically registered to vote at the Department of Licensing. She is the only candidate who will openly talk about election fraud and how she plans to ensure transparent elections for the benefit all Washington citizens.

Many Washington citizens have checked out of the elections process because they have lost faith in the system and because there has been no transparency in our state government. Of the candidates in this race, we believe that Tamborine is the only candidate who can bring truth and transparency to Washington State elections. 

Learn more about Tamborine, her plans for honest elections in Washington state and get involved at Tamborine Borrelli – Tamborine Borrelli for WA Secretary of State (

Change won’t happen if YOU don’t vote!

Official Endorsement: Scott Stephenson for Congress

Endorsement of Scott Stephenson, Washington’s 8th Congressional District Representative

It is with great confidence we give our full endorsement and support to Scott Stephenson for Washington’s 8th District Representative in the United State Congress.

Scott is a “political outsider”, he’s a family man, a father, a rocket scientist, and a man who is determined to fight for the things that are so important to everyday Americans and to Conservative Ladies of Washington.

Among Scott’s top priorities is SAVING OUR CHILDREN. Scott and his family experienced firsthand the indoctrination of the radical left, and this is one of the experiences that inspired Scott to step up and run for Congress. We must elect leaders who are committed to saving our children and putting an end to funding leftist ideology in our government schools and we believe Scott is the candidate who will do just that when he’s elected to Congress.

Scott is unabashedly PRO God, PRO America, PRO Life, PRO Gun, PRO Family and PRO Trump. Scott is not afraid to speak to issues that many politicians and candidates will shy away from. We need leaders who stand strong; not buckle under the left and RINO pressure, who vote with integrity every time. Scott Stephenson is that leader.  

Scott’s slogan is: “It’s time to fight, it’s time to win!”

We are honored to give Scott our full support in this race. We are here to fight, and we are here to win!

Learn more about Scott, his plan for Washington and America and get involved at

The Left is Not “Pro Choice”, They are PRO ABORTION

It’s important when we are discussing and debating the issue of abortion that we shift our language. For decades, those who believed a woman should have the personal choice whether to have an abortion or not were called “pro-choice.” That same group of people, for the most part, were also the same people that mandated mRNA injections and masks during the “pandemic” these last 2, going on 3 years.

“As a nation our goal should be to protect individual freedom, while fostering responsible decision making. An approach that seeks to protect the right to choose while reducing the number of abortions. Our vision should be of an America where abortion is safe and legal…but rare.” – President Bill Clinton, January 22, 1993

User Clip: Bill Clinton, January 22, 1993: Safe, Legal, And Rare |

In days of old, being “pro-choice,” meant that you believed it was a woman’s right to choose what was best for her when it came to abortion. Being pro-choice didn’t necessarily mean that you believed in a woman’s right to choose an abortion at any time during a pregnancy (and maybe even post birth), or for any reason (hey, it’s just inconvenient). Bill Clinton was not the only Democratic leader who held the belief that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Most people on the pro-choice side still believed in some sort of guardrails around abortion.

As with so many issues, the abortion issue has gone completely off the left cliff. From “safe, legal and rare” to “at any time for any reason.” We hear politicians call abortion “healthcare” and that abortion is necessary in order for us to have “reproductive justice.” In recent years we have heard slogans like: “My Body My Choice” and “Hands Off My Body.” This took an interesting turn during 2020-2022 when those on the left decided to mandate mRNA injections (aka “Covid vaccines”) if people wanted to keep their job, go to school, eat in a restaurant. Thousands lost their jobs because they made a CHOICE not to inject an untested “vaccine” into their bodies. It was the radical left that demanded all Americans must get this injection if they wanted to participate in society. So much for “pro-choice.” It was abundantly clear that choice subjectively applied.

In addition to the mRNA injections, this same group of “pro-choice” people demanded…and in many cases, mandated…that we must wear a cloth face covering that had not been proven to prevent transmission of Covid. If you chose not to wear the mask, you put yourself at risk of being denied service, reprimanded by staff or other patrons, or being chased out of the store by an angry “pro-choicer.”

The radical left is not “pro-choice,” they are PRO ABORTION. There is a big difference and it’s important that we shift our language around this issue to be more accurate. Certainly, there are still people who are of the old-school, “pro-choice” mentality. These are the people that believe abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” They are not for abortion at any time for any reason – abortion as birth control. The outrage and violence we are seeing from this pro-abortion group across the country is not in defense of a woman’s right to choose – if it was, we would hear a lot more discussion about all the options that prevent pregnancy.

This is about a much larger and sinister agenda that is anti-God, anti-life, anti-family and anti-America.

Official Endorsement: Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative LD 7

Endorsement of Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative, Washington’s 7th Legislative District

It is our honor to give Lonny Ray Williams our endorsement for State Representative in Washington’s 7th Legislative District.

Lonny is a true conservative, dedicated to serving the people in his community and preserving our American values and way of life. He’s also a homesteader, husband, father, and veteran.

Conservative Ladies of Washington is dedicated to fighting for parental rights in our state and this is one of the top issues that Lonny cited as to why he feels led to run for state representative. Lonny believes that parents should have the authority over their children’s education, their medical and mental healthcare and he vows to fight against the indoctrination of our children by the radical left. Lonny is committed to giving parents a choice and a voice in education and will not vote to give more money to our failed government schools.

Lonny is also dedicated to defending our 2nd Amendment rights, fighting more tyrannical government overreach and mandates by  Inslee and the Washington Democrats by giving our law enforcement the tools they need to get a handle on the out-of-control crime in our state.

We believe that Lonny will bring true representation of the people of District 7 to Olympia. He will be a servant of the people – which is a very needed change for District 7 and Washington state.

Lonny Ray Williams’ willingness to serve and dedication to Washington State not only encourages us but gives us hope. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our state. We are proud to give our full support and endorsement to Lonny Ray Williams.

You can learn more about Lonny and donate to his campaign here: Lonny Ray Williams for District 7 Representative