Cancel Culture and The Elites: The Perfect Pairing

Cancel Culture and The Elites: The Perfect Pairing

*By Vincent Cavaleri, Mill Creek City Council, Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff 


The Declaration of Independence reminds us that we are “all endowed by our Creator”. This belief should always be the alpha and omega of every decision and every struggle we undertake in this life. Every doctrine in American history is a stark reminder of the America story and those that have committed to the struggles for freedom. Forgetting where you came from or being unaware of the history can only serve to its demise. Our core belief system has been the one true constant throughout America’s journey.


As cancel culture rages in America, we need reminding that the battle for the heart and soul of righteous America needs to be waged on all fronts; because it is intensifying. From the street corner, to the jobsite, to social media platforms, schools and everywhere else in between. 2020 should have been a glaring example of how far some are willing to take it. When we hear things like “never let a catastrophe go to waste”, we’re reminded of the levels the left will stoop to carry out its vitriolic message. Do you realize, this very day, Seattle and Portland are still having riots? Last night in Washington DC, the so-called BLM “peaceful protesters” were threatening to “burn the mother fucker down” as they harassed restaurant goers and assaulted police. Certainly, another Nobel peace prize moment.


When I started researching for this blog, I tried to explore the heart of the cancel culture just to see if I could figure out or gain some sort of understanding, or possibly a historical perspective of their grievances. After all, most of them haven’t lived long enough to have been victimized as many of them claim. So why then? All ages have their orthodoxies; and if writers, thinkers, artists and comedians do not trample on them publicly, then they are not doing their jobs. And just as some kids will always pull the wings off fire flies or fry ants with a magnifying glass, a certain number of adult inadequate’ s will find meaning in their lives by sniffing the seats in the public square until it finds an aroma that offends them. This is the root of cancel culture.


I could offer solutions that seem so simple, yet so complicated to some. You see, when the sacrificial victim is selected by cancel culture, very few will stand up for people being lied about or cancelled; for fear of being the next victim in the proverbial hopper. Protecting the righteous seems so simple and so obvious a thing to do, yet it is a habit in exceptionally short supply today.


One mistake we make is that we believe the government can help solve the problems, when in fact our foundation is based on anything but. Remember, “endowed by our Creator”. These core beliefs and Godly principles are what has driven a successful America thus far. The cancel culture seeks to remove anything resembling decency in Godly beliefs. Tearing down statues of the deity, burning and fire-bombing churches and synagogues, elimination of God from the education system, among many other things have all served to blur the line between good and evil. Cancel culture and its minions are simply the next logical step in this toxic evolution of human exploitation. Sadly, the left has embraced and encouraged its existence.


Permissiveness of crime, defunding the police and now villainizing the military have become the new marching orders for cancel culture. Recently, President Biden publicly questioned the loyalty of soldiers that may have voted for Trump. Cancelling out the nobility that goes into serving the professions of protectors serves only one purpose; and that’s destruction of the fabric of civility. See where this is going?


The elites are taking cancel culture to a new level. It’s not just celebrities or those in prominent positions anymore, it’s whole classes of people with differing belief systems that are being targeted. Political parties, professions, religious groups and group thinkers are all being served up in the frappe of intolerance provided by the left. This is the brand they are marketing to the masses. Sadly, there are many takers, especially the “everyone gets a trophy” crowd. Intolerance will always be intolerance, bias will always be bias, but combatting them will always be noble and in line with our Creator.


Thanks, and God bless. Vincent

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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