Did Aaron Rodgers Lie?

Did Aaron Rodgers Lie?

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

The big story on the socials right now is Aaron Rodgers “lying” about his vaccination status. On November 3rd, it was reported that the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback was positive for Covid-19 and would not be able to play in today’s game because he is unvaccinated. This caused outrage on Twitter from people who claimed that Rodgers had lied when previously asked about his vaccination status by the press back in August.

In August, when asked by reporters if he was vaccinated, Rodgers replied: “I have been immunized.” You can say he didn’t answer the questions with a yes or no and I will agree with that. He responded to the question with a different statement. As I mentioned in a previous post, the CDC has recently changed their definition of “vaccine” to read the following:

Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.


The vaccine produces protection. If you believe that the Covid-19 “vaccine” produces immunity, then you might see what Rodgers says as a lie but if you’re in the camp that does not believe that the Covid-19 “vaccine” produces immunity (which we see with the high rate of infections in injected individuals) it’s pretty easy to understand what Rodgers was saying when he told the press he had been “immunized.” Most of the people I engage with would hear that and understand that Rodgers had likely used other treatments to protect himself against the virus. There are many therapeutics available to help protect against the virus but, of course, we aren’t allowed to speak of those.

Aaron Rodgers said in a statement that he had received a homeopathic treatment that he received from his doctor to help boost his antibodies. He also said in an interview Friday on The Pat McAfee Show that he had also been following the advice of Joe Rogan after he had successfully treated Covid-19 with Ivermectin. Rodgers also stated that there is an ingredient in the injections that he is allergic to and in consult with his physician he decided that it would be safer for him not to receive the mRNA injection.

Look, regardless of what you think of what Rodgers said…lie or not…the fact of the matter is, it’s none of our business what his medical status is. That’s between him and his physician. As fans and the public and the media, we really have no business in Aaron Rodger’s medical information. There once was a time – not long ago – that most people agreed that an individual’s medical information should be protected and kept private. Now that we live in a Covid world, it seems that a large group of people no longer believe this and feel they have the right not just to know your medical information but also to coerce you into medical procedures you may or may not want. We no longer allow individuals to make the best decision for their body and many people seem unconcerned with the fact that there are very good reasons people choose not to receive this injection.

If the injection is effective in protecting people against the virus, then a “vaccinated” person should feel confident that they are protected regardless of what other people have chosen. What we’ve seen over the last year is a huge amount of positive Covid-19 cases in “vaccinated” people and understandably, that is creating fear in people who have chosen to receive their information only from sources sharing what they are “allowed” to share. These people can’t learn about the many other therapeutics available to treat this virus. That’s criminal that this information is not being permitted to be widely dispersed. It’s not about health and protecting people.

I, for one, am grateful that we have public figures like Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan who are willing to stand up to the narrative, challenging the media and providing the public with information about alternative therapies.

Lastly, did Aaron Rodgers lie?

He said he was immunized. He didn’t say “Yes, I’m vaccinated.” You can call it a lie. You can call it semantics. It’s kind of like the left with CRT – people on the left claim it’s not taught in schools (right, because they call it other things). Is it lying to say Rachel Levine is the first female Four-Star Admiral. I’ll leave you with that food for thought.

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