Have We Lost America?

Have We Lost America?

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

It seems like every morning I wake up and scroll through my Twitter or Facebook feeds and think…WHAT. IS. GOING. ON?! It seems to get scarier with each passing day. Everyday there’s something new coming from the left that adds to my frustration about the predicament we find ourselves in as Americans today. Most days it feels like this hole is so deep we can’t possibly claw our way out to some sense of sanity. And a lot of the things that are happening due to Democratic leadership and policies are downright SCARY.


This morning I read about Edmonds School District training their teachers and staff to use pronouns such as Hu, Fae, E and Ey. I don’t even know how you pronounce these or what they mean but it sounds like some secret language I would have made up with my girlfriends in 6th grade. It does not sound like mentally stable adult-speak.


We hear crazy stuff like this everyday. I can’t even laugh at it anymore because it has taken such root in our society and our government-funded and private institutions. I read the daily news stories and it is a long list of disturbing realities: gas crisis, labor shorter due to government stimulus, CRT, sex ed, Israel is under attack by Hamas, crisis at the border, businesses still shutdown thanks to Jay Inslee, inflation…and the list goes on. When does it end?


This insanity is coming from the people who are now calling the shots. They’ve opened the border. Our leadership is weak and has emboldened the enemies of Israel. They’re working on passing laws (HR-1, HR-5, HR-8) that directly attack our American values and freedoms as we know them. And we do not have a choice. You will comply with their narrative or you will face consequences. You might lose your job. You might be cancelled. You might even lose your parental rights.


These are the people running big tech, large corporations, government schools, our government and even (and sadly) many churches. We can’t escape it. And yet, we don’t seem to be compelled to RISE UP against this nonsense that has completely taken over our society. Those who aren’t paying attention don’t believe you when you tell them this is happening. The young ones are being indoctrinated to think this is normal. And the rest of us…we’re just trying to survive until Jesus returns.


We are content to complain about all this on social media but very few are willing to step up, put their money where their mouth is, and BE the change. When we ask people to send emails and make calls about legislation before it passes the House and Senate, very few engage with those calls to action. And yet, when those bills are signed into law and people realize things like Critical Race Theory is going to be taught in school and they are now subject to a Capital Gains Tax, they are enraged, ready to jump into action. And it’s too late. It’s now a law.


We cannot be content to vent on social media and to complain about what is going on. We need to make the calls, we need to send the emails, we need to run for school board, city council, public utilities positions. We need to do the tedious work of educating ourselves on current legislation and what we can do as citizens to help our Republican leaders make in impact. And trust me, I get it – reading all those bills can feel like reading a foreign language that doesn’t make sense. Not to mention, there are hundreds of bills – how do we prioritize what requires our attention the most?!  We need to be alert and pay attention to what is going on while we still have an opportunity to do something about it. And we need to be organized about it – take a page out of the left’s playbook.


As I look around and see us getting a little deeper into this hole everyday I worry that we are more content to sit back and hope someone else will be the change. Change begins in our local communities – in our precincts. Signing up to be a PCO (precinct committee officer) is a great way to have an impact in your local area and learn about what is going on and educating other voters.


We need to bring our focus home – to our immediate community and state. We need to realize that while we are busy, with plates overflowing with tasks and responsibilities, if we do not make the time to step up and get involved – whether it be an elected position or otherwise – we will lose our country. We will lose our freedom.




Conservative Ladies of Washington

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