CLW Book Club

”A society’s values are carried in the stories it chooses to tell about itself and in the people it chooses to honor.”

Please join our newly formed Heritage Club. This will be an ongoing book club that will be discussing books but also watching videos and exploring resources that teach our nation’s history, its traditions and heroes, and the enduring principles handed down from the Judeo-Christian tradition.


Under totalitarian persecution, families in Eastern Europe held meetings in individual homes, with the goal of preserving culture in the face of annihilation. Seminars known as the “solidarity of the shattered” were an act of responsibility by the old, who still had the memories, toward the young.


This book club is for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, community members, youth group leaders and teachers who are concerned that what is good and worthy about our nation and our culture is being erased by government schools, entertainment, media and “woke” corporations.  We will expose lies, explore truth and discuss how to pass truth and discernment down to our youth.

Don’t have time to read?  Don’t worry, “notes” will be provided and you can join like-minded ladies for stimulating discussions, fellowship, refreshments and a little wine…


This monthly event will be held the first Tuesday of every month, starting June 1 at 6:30PM.

We currently have 3 in-person locations: Woodinville, Mill Creek, Gig Harbor and Renton.  RSVP to Our first book will be announced at that initial meeting. In preparation for a stimulating discussion, participants might consider familiarizing themselves with the story of Daniel, a teenager who learned to survive and thrive in Babylon.

Ann Streit, Founding Member of the Conservative Ladies of Washington