Making America Great Again Starts Local

Making America Great Again Starts Local

The best way to affect change is to start local, right in your community. Do you know what’s going on at your local, taxpayer-funded library? Do you know what your city/county council is prioritizing right now?

I constantly hear from people: “I had no idea this was happening in __ (or state legislature, my school district, my city council, etc)”

Knowledge is power. If we don’t even know what’s going on in our local community, we certainly cannot change it. This week I challenge you to take 10 minutes to dig in and find out. Don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave your phone or computer.

But be warned: with knowledge comes responsibility. Once you know what’s going on, you will have to make a choice to speak up & stand up…or do nothing. Not everyone needs to run for elected office or speak at school board meetings. Taking action can be informing those in your “circle of influence” on the facts of what is going on, encourage them to vote and take action. There are various levels of action, and all are needed to create change.

Here’s your homework this week:

Get to know your local community. It’s important to know where your city/county stands on many of the issues that have become a focus of the radical left which have infiltrated every part of our society and become a danger to our children. What once was “tolerance” has led to young children being put on puberty blockers and genital mutilation. It is all inter-woven and inter-connected. We must be aware.

Go to your city website: search “proclamations”, search “diversity”, “inclusion”

Go to your local library website: search the same terms, look at events, extra credit: browse book selections, especially for “anti-racism” and “lgbtq+”

Extra credit: Adopt a candidate.
Learn about the candidates running for office in your legislative district, congressional district, city or county. Reach out to that candidate, make a donation, volunteer to doorbell, sign wave or help the campaign in other ways. Candidates need YOUR help to get elected. Establishing a relationship now will be helpful in communicating on issues once that candidate is elected.

Did you do the homework? We’d love to hear what you did and what you found and what action you took or are going to take. Email us and let us know!

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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