NEW: Become a “Registered Supporter” of CLW

NEW: Become a “Registered Supporter” of CLW

In some communities on the left they would call these “allies”…we’re going with “Registered Supporter.”

We’ve had so many men reach out to us wanting to get involved in our movement and join us in this fight for Washington…and America that we created the “Registered Supporter” membership option for guys!

As a “Registered Supporter”, you are pledging your support to the conservative movement and putting “skin in the game” to be part of the work that we are doing in Washington and beyond! Our mission is to EMPOWER citizens with information, support and likeminded community. Our focus is to impact state and federal legislation, support conservative lawmakers, EQUIP citizens with tools and ENCOURAGE actionable steps to create real change.

Gentlemen…as Conservative Ladies, we know that our society thrives when we have men who are leaders for their wives, children and community. We need you and we welcome you to join us.

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