New Year’s Resolution: TAKE ACTION!

New Year’s Resolution: TAKE ACTION!

Make a commitment this year to take action at your local level. Maybe it’s your local school board, city council, county council, etc. Pick one to follow and engage with and stick with it all year!

  1. Visit the website for the city, county, school district and find the link for leadership/council/board meetings.
  2. Find the meeting schedule, agenda and other documents.
  3. Read through the agenda and learn what topics they’re discussing.
  4. ATTEND! Most meetings are now in person but still available by zoom so if you can’t go in person you can have the meeting on in the background – while you’re at your kid’s sports practice, making dinner, etc.
  5. ENGAGE: send in your comments via email or sign up to make comments at the meeting. It is critical we make our voices heard.

Here is an example of the meeting agenda for Stanwood City Council, happening tomorrow, Thursday, Jan 5th at 5PM. Lots of “diversity, equity, inclusion” business going on as well as the city getting on board with asking the state legislature to bump up the minimum wage. See screenshots.…/ViewFile/Agenda/_01052023-467

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Screenshot 2023 01 04 072717 1

You would be amazed…and probably appalled…at all the stuff that is going on in these city/county councils and school boards around the state of Washington.

The best place to create change is at your local level. Get involved and find out what’s going on in your city, your county, your school district. If you want change, you must take action – even small action beats no action. Commit to taking action that is realistic for you – remember, setting overzealous goals often ends in failure. Set yourself up for success and commit to what is realistic for you. Find a neighbor or a friend and get them to engage with you. That makes it more fun – well, you’ll have someone to vent to, anyway.

Please consider becoming an active participant in this movement or supporting the work we do by becoming a member of CLW or by making a financial contribution. Our team is working hard for the conservative cause – especially when it comes to the education of our children and the rights of parents. Join us!

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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