Parents Sue School For Transing Their Kid

Parents Sue School For Transing Their Kid

Massachusetts parents filed a lawsuit in United States Federal Court against Ludlow Public Schools, claiming they “impermissibly inserted themselves into the private realm” of their family, superseding their “rights to make decisions regarding their children’s upbringing, mental health, and well-being.”

Paul L. Baird Middle School had been having private conversations with the plaintiff’s children, who are 11 and 12 years old. The school staff had been intentionally keeping the gender identity conversations secret from the parents, presumably to “protect” the minor children. In an email to school staff on February 28, 2021, the 11-year-old child writes:

“I am genderqueer. … My new name will be R**** … If you deadname me or use any pronouns I am uncomfortable with I will politely tell you … A list of pronouns you can use are: she/her he/him they/them fae/faerae/aer ve/ver xe/xem ze/zir. … Please only use the ones I have listed and not the other ones. I do not like them,”

If you’ve got children, you are likely aware of how easily influenced they are by their peers and the current trends. Add social media to the mix and it makes it even easier for them to succumb to the current craze. I remember when my son was around 12 years old and there was a “cinnamon YouTube challenge” happening on social media where the person was supposed to ingest a couple of heaping tablespoons of cinnamon and not cough, drink, etc. Let me just say, I got a kick out of watching him try that. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Fortunately, that trend had minimum consequences. What we’re talking about here is a much different, much more serious, issue and parents need to be aware.

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But it’s not just social media influencing our children. It’s teachers and school staff that most of us, in an effort to raise respectful children, have taught our children to respect. That authority that we have given to the people we entrust to educate our children has been violated – possibly beyond repair. The people that we have told our children to respect are teaching them about “gender identity” and this idea that one can choose their gender (and there’s not just 2) and can make up pronouns. There is an entire vocabulary around this LGBTQXYZPD*&^ movement that is completely fictional. It’s made up. It’s imaginary. But the adults in the schools are telling children it’s real and they’re being instructed to use the vocabulary and face consequences if they don’t. All of this under the guise of “inclusion.”

Our children are being confused and the schools are being used to divide and alienate children and parents.

In Washington state, we have “gender inclusive” school guidelines set forth by the OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) that require school staff to keep a student’s gender identity secret from parents unless they have been given express consent by the student otherwise. Just because Washington has laws that allow the government schools to operate in this manner in regard to our children, doesn’t mean we should let them or that we shouldn’t fight back against this complete violation of our God-given parental rights.

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The lawsuit in Massachusetts is inspiring and I hope that we will see more parents around the country challenging schools and state laws in this way. We’ve got three different law groups in Washington that are seeking plaintiffs for cases just like the one in Massachusetts. If you are a parent who has had your constitutional rights violated by government schools, please send me an email to be connected to one of these law groups. There is no cost to you if they file a lawsuit on your behalf.

The ideal situation is getting your children out of the government schools. If you cannot…even if you can…start having conversations with your children about what’s being taught and the difference between truth and fiction. The best way to fight back is to give our children facts and information so they can withstand the indoctrination of the woke left.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

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