Pleading For Help – A Letter to My Reps

Pleading For Help – A Letter to My Reps

After reading the previous post, one concerned citizen took action and emailed every Republican representative in our state legislature. At the time of this posting, she has already received a personal message back from one representative. Please take the time to express your concerns to those who can and, we hope, will do something.


Dear Mr. Braun,


I am a conservative-leaning Washington resident in Snohomish County but am feeling ever more hopeless about the state of our state and so I am personally writing to every person listed as Washington State Legislature with an “R” next to their name.

I vote carefully for every election and I read as much information as I need to to vote for every elected position I’m allowed to vote upon.

Sir, I’ve lived in this state for 13 years knowing that it was “inky blue Democrat”, but the last two years have been frightening as I’ve watched our governor remove rights and freedoms in the name of ’emergency’ measures, which only distracts everyone from the hundreds of other rights and freedoms being removed behind the scenes.

1st Amendment? Not if you are a Christian, a conservative, or someone who believes in other explicitly Constitutional and God-given rights! As Christians we’ve known all of our lives to speak the truth with grace and love and that people might hate us because it is the natural human condition to hate God unless you know Him….but NOW? Now, simply *thinking* that babies should be allowed to be born can be twisted into a punishable “hate crime”. We don’t have free speech because we don’t even have free *thought*.

2nd Amendment. The amount of pure bureaucratic B.S. around firearms is propaganda in itself in the hopes that no one will understand it enough to wade through it and actually exercise this constitutional right. My goodness. From your point of view, can you confirm that the position of the state legislature is to disarm, weaken and utterly enslave Washington? Because that is the *only* reason to keep adding legislation. Criminals break laws no matter how *many* laws you add; whereas allowing fewer and fewer rule-followers to defend themselves actually *encourages crime*…see?

Education. Not long ago, schools couldn’t even give children an aspirin without parental consent. But now, school counselors working through the health clinic, (whose access is made even easier now with telemedicine), can evaluate kids over a screen and make life altering decisions about the state of their mental health. Parents are omitted from the decision-making process but are left to pick up the tab. So after they are indoctrinated at school with an aggressive agenda to make them question their gender, change their natural attractions, view sex as an amoral bodily function, view abortion with as much seriousness as which size of fries to get, divide themselves from their friends based on skin color, they can be encouraged to emancipate themselves from parental involvement, declare themselves in need of medical intervention and the state will encourage it. I guess we got here step by step, but surely you can see how monstrously far away this is from any sort of family structure that can be a basis for a functioning society. Families only choices are to remove their children from public education, but not every family can afford this, and ALL of us are paying for this ‘education’ (indoctrination) system. It’s wrong. It needs to change to teaching children the truth about history, themselves and how a healthy society may function, NOT the quick slide into Marxism that is happening before our eyes.

Medical Freedom. When we moved to Washington, I really liked the emphasis on healthy living and natural remedies and so many people seemed really into health and fitness. It’s home to Bastyr University and a real haven for alternative medicines and health choices. Overnight, I watched millions of people who wouldn’t dare eat something “GMO” or “non-organic” start to unquestioningly do everything the CDC/WHO/Bill Gates/Inslee said…”because science”. They turned into people who scream at each other about masks and distancing and now an experimental injection. Anyone of any professional health field who *even questions* the safety of this injection is de-platformed, de-licensed, censored, silenced, and ‘canceled’. In Washington. Full of people formerly known as “greeners” who formerly knew how to understand their own bodies’ immune systems and achieve health without foreign drugs and chemicals. And if the rumors are true, we’ll be one of the first states to step in line with Vaccine Passports, or at least reward every business, school, university and public gathering place who does.

“Sanctuary state” and open borders. Eye witnesses around Washington state are seeing busloads of immigrants being unloaded. And…we are putting these people up in hotels and feeding them?? With our tax dollars? Meanwhile there are homeless encampments *everywhere*; businesses forced to close left and right because of the lockdown restriction *edicts* (they are NOT laws, surely you know this, that Inslee can’t just make “laws” all by himself!); unemployment; soaring house prices and rental fees…and we are bringing *more people in*. Well I guess it’s okay as long as government people still continue to pay themselves….


May I ask you: What made you run for public office? Do you still think of it as something that “serves the people”? Or could I not possibly understand the games you’ve had to play to get to where you are? Is the corruption just too much for me to grasp? Is it not so much about right and wrong anymore and you just need to keep your job and your family safe and provided for?

Well, allow me to beg for my life please. I am a citizen, you are my government, who purportedly ‘works for me’. Please take a step back and look around. We are losing rights, we are losing freedoms. With our federal government making sure we’ll see Venezuelan levels of inflation, we’re going to lose every way to provide for ourselves, and every way that makes it possible to thrive.

Do *you* see any way to turn this around? Our state could be a rich and thriving place with a more-than-healthy economy, but it has bowed to corruption (money from China? Please enlighten me! I’m liable to believe whatever rumor sounds the most corrupt but I’d love to know the truth!).

I’m not confident that *my* vote counts for anything at all, but maybe your voice does, so please, please try to find truth and try to choose what is right. I really do want to do more than just huddle in secrecy with other conservatives and wait to die. I’m writing to ‘my’ representatives…at least with an “R”, you’re supposed to be. What other things can we be doing that could actually change the state of Washington toward a place that supports personal sovereignty, freedom, health, and prosperity?


Very sincerely with whatever hope I can muster,

Deanna Sarkar

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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