Preparing to Launch

Preparing to Launch

One year ago, Conservative Ladies of Washington became a “little” private group on Facebook. We invited likeminded ladies to connect in a safe environment. We encouraged ladies to connect not just virtually, but in person. This “little” group grew steadily over the months. In the spring of 2020 ladies all over Washington State started joining together by the hundreds.

One year later we are nearly 5,000 members strong and we are so much more than just a “little Facebook group.” We are strong, empowered, energized women who love our country and are ready to stop being silent. Together, we encourage each other to step out of our comfort zone to protect our beloved America and the freedoms so many have fought to give us and our children and our grandchildren.

We invite you to join our movement and our community. Enjoy the company and inspiration and encouragement of likeminded women. Find joy in new friendships and the journey to preserve the American way of life….for ALL people.

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Conservative Ladies of Washington

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