Stop Calling It a Vaccine

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

I fully admit, hearing people call it the Covid-19 “vaccine” triggers me. It is NOT a vaccine. What’s the big deal, it’s just a word? Words matter and, these days, it’s become far too easy for people to simply erase definitions of words and give them a new definition that suits their purpose. That’s not how it works!

Senator Rand Paul was on Capital Hill yesterday questioning Tony Fauci about his gain of function research and brought up the fact that the definition of “vaccine” was changed by the CDC in September to better suit the current narrative.

Representative Thomas Massie shared the following graphic of the CDC’s evolving definition of “vaccine” on Twitter. It’s not difficult to see how the government is changing words to manipulate public perception and to control the population.

A look at some internal CDC emails from August 2021 shows that they changed the definition due to “right wing Covid deniers.”

The CDC’s Lead Health Communication Specialist Alycia Downs then sent the following email to her superior requesting approval to change the definition because it is “outdated.”

Apparently Alycia received no response as she sent the following, more urgent email 6 days later on August 25th to Valerie Morelli.

And finally, on September 1, 2021, Alycia receives her approval from Valerie to make the change to the definition of “vaccine.”

Over the last year we have gotten a first-hand look at how these injections are working. They have been approved for EUA (emergency use authorization) without proper testing. We’ve seen that people who have received the injections are equally susceptible to contracting Covid-19 as those who have not received the injections. We have ample information to show that natural immunity gives greater protection than the injections do and that injections do not prevent the spread of the virus (nor do masks, but that’s another post).

Please stop calling this a “vaccine.” But it’s just a word! Yes, and words matter and our society is being deceived by the manipulation of definitions of words. If we play along, we are allowing this to happen. Call it an injection, call it a shot, but do not call it a vaccine.

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