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TAKE ACTION! The Worst Bills of the WA Legislative Session

All session we’ve been giving you calls to action for a LOT of bills. These three bills are probably among the worst of the worst and they are all up for public hearing on March 22 and 23. It’s critical that we have as many citizens sign in opposed to these bills as possible. It’s quick. It’s easy. You can do it all from your keyboard and it will take you maybe 2 minutes, tops!

The Assault on Our 2nd Amendment Rights

There is no shortage of bills filed in the Washington state legislature this year. As we reported last month, Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson are laser-focused on passing a gun control “package” of bills with their grandaddy of them all being the “assault weapons ban.”

“Reproductive Freedom” in Washington

Last month we told you about Governor Jay Inslee and the WA Democrats’ plans to propose an amendment to the state constitution to add abortion, or as they call it, “reproductive freedom.” Today senators Keiser and Kuderer have pre-filed Senate Joint Resolution 8202 which would make abortion a constitutional right in the state of Washington.

Washington Democrats Seek an Assault Weapons Ban in 2023

One of, if not the top priority for Washington Democrats is gun control, more specifically, an assault weapons ban. We anticipate Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson will be announcing their plans to do an “agency request bill” for the state legislature to run an assault weapons ban in the 2023 session next week.