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The Radical Left is Normalizing Drag Queen Events for Kids

These are not isolated events. These events are not limited to “radical left, deep blue” states like Washington, California and New York. These events are being sponsored by corporations, pro-sports organizations, churches, medical associations. This agenda has permeated every aspect of our society. Due, in part, so our silence – our fear of speaking up against this.

The Case for Parents on School Boards

School boards across America have taken the spotlight in media, parent organizations and communities over the last couple of years. As school closures brought classrooms into our homes on computer screens, parents and citizens alike became concerned and started speaking out and doing more research into what is really going on in our public schools.

Is Indoctrination a Dirty Word?

Indoctrination should start at home, in the family, at a young age. It is our duty and our right to indoctrinate our children in the ways that we believe they should live and view the world.

Letter to WSSDA

Today Conservative Ladies of Washington sent an email to the President and Executive Director of Washington State School Director’s Association requesting a response to the NSBA’s (National School Board Association) September 29th letter to the Biden Administration.