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What You Need to Know When Casting Your Ballot

Off-year local elections are full of new candidates and it is difficult to know who is the best choice. These jobs are important and many of the people elected use them as stepping stones for advancing up the political ladder. Those running should truly care about the duties and goals of the office they are running for, the results of their actions when elected, and the impact on our community. I’ve tried to find those people.

2021: The Worst Legislative Session In Recent History

*By Laurel Christiansen, CLW Founding Member & Contributing Writer   The democrats control the Governorship, State House and Senate. So, this year they passed their ultra liberal, anti-family, anti-safety, tax-raising…

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Why It’s Very Important to Vote in the Primary Election

*By Laurel Christiansen, CLW Founding Member & Contributing Writer   Very few voters vote. Snohomish County Councilman Sam Low (one of the best people we have in office in Snohomish…

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Become a Citizen Activist| Part 3

Educating yourself on all the sides of an issue is important and vital when contacting or visiting your legislators. After fully understanding the issue and preparing for every possible question,…

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