TAKE ACTION! The Worst Bills of the WA Legislative Session

TAKE ACTION! The Worst Bills of the WA Legislative Session


All session we’ve been giving you calls to action for a LOT of bills. These three bills are probably among the worst of the worst and they are all up for public hearing on March 22 and 23. It’s critical that we have as many citizens sign in opposed to these bills as possible. It’s quick. It’s easy. You can do it all from your keyboard and it will take you maybe 2 minutes, tops!

Please take action on all 3 bills below and SHARE!

SB 5599 is scheduled for public hearing on March 22nd at 1:30PM. SB 5599 is bill that would allow minor children access to “protected health care services”, a pretty and very deceptive name for abortion and gender transition surgeries, hormones and drugs. The bill operates as a “homeless youth” bill, but ANY minor child seeking these “protected health care services” would be able to get shelter and services without parental consent as this is deemed a “compelling reason” not to tell parents based on the language in the bill. You can read more and send a direct email to your representatives here: Action Center (votervoice.net)

Sign in CON before 12:30PM on March 22

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HB 1143 A dealer may not transfer any firearm to a purchaser or transferee until: completion of a
background check indicating the person is eligible to possess a firearm; and 10 business
days have elapsed since the dealer requested the background check.
In addition, a dealer may not transfer any firearm to a purchaser or transferee unless the
person produces proof of completion of a recognized firearms safety training program
within the last five years, or proof of an exemption from the training requirement. The
training program must include instruction on components currently required for firearms
safety training for semiautomatic assault rifle purchases and in addition must include
instruction on: state laws pertaining to the use of deadly force for self-defense; and
techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to manage a violent confrontation. Proof
of training must be in the form of a certification stating under penalty of perjury that the
training included the minimum requirements.

Sign in CON before 7AM on March 23

HB 1240 the “Assault Weapons” ban…need we say more?

“Assault weapon” is a made-up term by anti-gun politicians and activists. They have created a long list of firearms that they want to ban the sale of in Washington state. This bill is unconstitutional and will undoubtedly face challenges in court if it is passed. There are currently other cases pending that would set precedence for shutting down this legislation altogether.  But it won’t come without expense to the taxpayers of Washington, so we need to stop it NOW before it is passed. 

Sign in CON before 7AM on March 23

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