#TakeActionTuesday – January 31

#TakeActionTuesday – January 31

Never a dull moment in the 2023 Washington legislative session. We’ve got two quick and easy calls to action today – should take you less than one minute to complete. Sign in on both bills and then share this link with a few friends so they can take action too!

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SB 5209 would establish “universal civic duty voting.” This bill would require citizens to vote, by law. This would create an “opt OUT” system, rather than opt in. You would have to submit a waiver in order to get out of your “legal” obligation to cast a ballot. Every person registered would be required by law to cast a ballot, even if the ballot is left blank. Think of all those blank ballots that could be cast in King County! You see where this is going. Sign in CON to SB 5209 before 12:30PM on January 31. Click the button below to sign in CON now.

SB 5078 creates industry (FFL) liability for the criminal use of a firearm. Sign in CON to SB 5078 BEFORE 3PM on January 31. Click the button below to sign in CON now.


Support the movement by becoming a member of CLW or by making a financial contribution. Our team is working hard for the conservative cause – especially when it comes to the education of our children and the rights of parents. Join us! 

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