The Dangers of Cancel Culture             

The Dangers of Cancel Culture             

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington


For the last several years, cancel culture has been gaining momentum. Maybe it started as boycotts of businesses and companies and now it has evolved into complete devastation of individuals and their families because one group of people doesn’t agree with something they said, something they did, someone they support or something they believe. It has gained speed like rollercoaster at Six Flags.


If social media doesn’t like what you said or a post you shared, they’ll just take down your account. Or maybe they’ll just disable it for a time…a “time out” for grown ups. On Facebook it’s known as “Facebook Jail” and the sentence can be as short as a few days or months long, if not completely banned for good. If you shared information that the social media platform doesn’t want people to know about, consider yourself a target for “consequences” for violating “community safety guidelines.” Cancel culture under the disguise of “safety”, protecting others from your dangerous rhetoric.


No one is safe from Cancel Culture. From the most famous figure, President Donald J. Trump all the way down to your conservative friend on Facebook who posts about the idea that, just maybe, there was fraud in the 2020 election that should be investigated (no, you can not say this or even suggest it may have occurred).


Poor Mike Lindell has been canceled from social media and about 16 retailers who sell his products. I shouldn’t say “poor”, after all, according to many sources, My Pillow is thriving and enjoying record sales numbers right now. That’s typically what happens when someone has been a victim of Cancel Culture: supporters turn up in droves.


Just yesterday, Disney Pixar canceled Mandalorian star, Gina Carano for her tweets about the holocaust. Her tweets were truthful, but her employers didn’t like her position and her political views and so…she got fired. Maybe you know someone who has been fired recently for their political views.

cancel disney 1

I know of a few people who have lost their jobs because they attended the PEACEFUL rally in Washington DC on January 6th. Last I checked, Americans were still free to travel and attend any events they like without fear of retaliation. The canceling on this level is not only dangerous, but it is unconstitutional. Us “common folk” are not immune to the cancel culture. If you’re wearing the wrong hat, you could be subject to being canceled. If you tweet something someone doesn’t like…look out! You could be next. Many Americans now live in fear of losing their jobs because their employer may not agree with their political views.


What is the end game for Cancel Culture?


This is a dangerous game because eventually, the left will end up cancelling their own. As I write this I am watching the defense team in Trump’s second impeachment trial. The defense team is using the democrat’s own language of “fighting” against them. This is a perfect example not only of hypocrisy, but what will happen when all the conservatives and Republicans have been canceled – they will have nowhere to turn but on their “own.”


Cancel Culture is a game that the left likes to play. It’s extremely rare for conservatives to cancel people or companies – as a general rule, we believe in the freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of thought. This game the left likes to play tends to backfire on them and the people they cancel end up thriving as a result…because we conservatives don’t like our freedoms being trampled upon. Conservatives typically step up for anyone who has been canceled, even if they disagree with their views. We agree with your right to free speech and we will fight to the end to defend it. We wish this was a concept that worked for both sides, but it no longer does.


Just today, conservative media outlet Daily Wire, announced an upcoming movie project with Gina Carano after the firing by Disney yesterday.  A double-win and a major backfire!

gina daily wire 1


This doesn’t end well for the left. Eventually people will wake up when the left has exhausted the canceling of all the people they disagree with and have to come after their own. They enjoy it. It’s about power and control.


This is a time when we need to take courage and stand strong. We cannot afford to cave to the “mob”. When they cancel us, we have to double down and not be scared into doing what they want. And we need to support our fellow Americans who are being canceled. If we don’t do this, we will surely lose our freedoms.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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