The Price of Our Silence – Erasing Women

The Price of Our Silence – Erasing Women

Lia Thomas is a biological male, competing on the women’s swim team at University of Pennsylvania. In a recent swim meet, Lia took first place by nearly 40 seconds to the second-place female swimmer. It’s shocking to me that the female swimmers on his own team and even more shocking, the other team, agreed to compete against a biological male who has an undeniable advantage. On December 3, Thomas broke three records at the 2021 Zippy Invitational.

Most of the swimmers who have spoken out have done so anonymously. 10 parents of U Penn students have come forward about the unfairness of Thomas being permitted to compete on the girl’s team. There is an obvious advantage for a biological male to compete against biological females…even with 2 years of testosterone suppression. Thomas started hormone replacement therapy in May of 2019 and that fall came out to his teammates.

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There has been little to no coverage of this by mainstream news outlets. There is wide support, of course, among the LGBTQ community and people and groups who support “gender diversity” ideology. Gender diversity ideology is essentially the idea that if you do not conform to the stereotypes of male or female then you must identify as some other gender. There are currently as many as 112 genders for one to choose from, according to this source on Tumblr. As you look at this list, you may be wondering: “Are people just making this stuff up?” Yes, yes, they are.

The gender diversity movement on the left allows for any human to decide their gender at any given time. And this is how we have biological males on women’s sports teams and in the girl’s bathroom at school. To most logical people, this is problematic for several reasons, but specifically as it pertains to girl’s and women’s sports, we can all agree that biological males are born with physical capabilities that biological females are not. As a result, they have a competitive edge over females in sports.

This is not the first case of biological males competing in women’s sports. Last summer, the first transgender competed in women’s soccer at the Olympics in Tokyo on the Canadian soccer team. We are hearing about this happening more at every age level sports and it is celebrated by the radical left, leaving those who disagree to sit in silence.

This is what our silence has given us: boys in girls bathrooms, boys in girls sports, birthing persons, not mothers, chest feeding, not breastfeeding. Those who speak out in opposition are met with name-calling and accusations of being homophobes or transphobes, bigots, haters. We are shut down for speaking truth. Truth: there are two genders, male and female. Truth: we must treat all persons with dignity, respect, love, and kindness. Treating people with love and respect does not require us to accept their “version” of reality. Our silence and fear of retaliation or cancelation has cost us greatly and we must get over our fear and stand up now.

Perfectly said by Maud Maron

“Staying silent when activists and politicians insist “trans women are women” has real world consequences for real women. The truth is, trans women are biologically male and they should be treated with dignity, love and respect. But many trans activists insist on language that erases the reality of biological women. Their desire to transcend biology, no matter how heartfelt, does not, and cannot, require me to lie or teach a generation of children a falsehood.”

We are watching biological females being erased by our society. Have you had enough? Are you ready to fight? Now is the time to rise up in righteous indignation. If we don’t start speaking up now, it will be too late.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Julie is a mother of 3 daughters, a son and a step-son

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