The SCOTUS Leak: The Moment Activists Have Been Waiting For

The SCOTUS Leak: The Moment Activists Have Been Waiting For

Yesterday POLITICO reported a leak of the documents from the Supreme Court showing the court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade is initially exciting and encouraging for the pro-life movement, yet it is egregious and very dangerous for the court and for our country. The left, who has been crying about an “insurrection” on January 6th has given hero status to an actual insurrectionist. This individual should be identified, disbarred and thrown in jail.

There is a lot to unpack with this issue: why was it leaked and by whom? What is the intent? Is it to cause civil unrest – another summer preceding elections filled with riots and chaos? We see politicians and activists across the country protesting and rallying as early as last night. They sure got organized very quickly…or did they? There’s no doubt that activists on the left have been preparing for this moment.

Today Jay Inslee and many other elected officials in Washington state are out holding rallies in Seattle: pro-choice rallies, because everyone should have the choice over what happens to their own body. That’s weird, he sure didn’t seem to think so when it came to forcing citizens to get the mRNA injections. How many people lost their jobs because they are pro-choice when it came to the injection? I’m sure you could probably name a few, at least.

In California, lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that would allow women from anywhere in the country to come to California for an abortion and all their expenses would be paid by the taxpayers.

“SB 1142 would establish a first-of-its-kind fund composed of state and philanthropic dollars that would significantly increase funding for abortion services for low-income Californians and for out-of-state residents who may come here for an abortion. The landmark bill would also create a comprehensive webpage for those seeking reproductive services in California, regardless of where they live.”

We’ve always known that the matter of abortion is a spiritual battle, but we are seeing that battle on such a large scale right now – Satan and his minions aren’t even trying to be discreet. This leak was intended to create division and chaos in our country. It’s likely a distraction from a number of other things: Hunter Biden’s laptop, our ailing president, inflation, the southern border, Ukraine…just to name a few.

What’s been particularly remarkable about this event and the outcry from the pro-choice activists and politicians is that suddenly, everyone is a biologist. We can say “woman” again. We can say that women get pregnant. We must protect “women’s rights.” Just yesterday we couldn’t even define what a woman is, yet, I have watched all over social media today as these “non-biologists” are screaming in defense of women and their rights to abortion as healthcare.

The left gets so emotionally charged that they forget their own narrative and talking points. This is a perfect opportunity for conservatives (and non-leftists) to call out their nonsense. When we see them on their soapbox at their rallies to protect women’s rights we must call out their own lies. They know that there are two genders. They know how to define a woman. However, they want to confuse our children. They want to confuse our population. A confused population is so much easier to control and manipulate.

This leak and this decision are huge issues. We’ve never seen anything like this. The leak not only intimidates the conservative justices who have voted to over Roe v Wade, it creates chaos in America and will have long term repercussions for SCOTUS.

Please pray for our justices, pray for our leaders, pray for our country and pray for the unborn.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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