Vaccine Clinics are Coming to Schools Near You

Vaccine Clinics are Coming to Schools Near You

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington


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In Washington state, there is a thing called the Mature Minor Doctrine and Washington State Privacy  Laws which allow children age 13 and over to make medical, mental health and sexual health decisions for themselves. As anyone who has ever been a parent of a teen or even been a teen, you know, teenagers don’t always use the best judgement and they don’t always make the best decisions. Giving 13 year olds and over the ability to make decisions about their mental health or sexual health without parental consent is not only dangerous but it is aimed at destroying the nuclear family as we know it.


Some people read or hear my words and decide that I’m “emotional” about this issue. I prefer the word passionate…with a great sense of urgency. As I’ve mentioned before, my 14 year old daughter recently went through a crisis where the healthcare and social services system was bent on giving her complete decision making. Don’t miss the word “crisis.” Many of us are decision-impaired during a crisis, a teenager even more so. Certainly, I’m emotional when it comes to my daughter. Waking up other parents and citizens about what’s going on…that’s passion with urgency.


You may have heard this week that vaccines have now been approved for children 12 and up. Many school districts around Washington state are offering vaccine clinics on school campuses to their students. Some of these school districts have even been rumored to encourage children to get the vaccine by enticing them with raffles and other incentives. Under the “Mature Minor Doctrine”, your student does not necessarily need your consent to get the vaccine. The photo below is from the King County website: COVID-19 Vaccination for Children and Teens – King County


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No doubt you have been watching the media, social media marketing and numerous sources offering incentives or “vaccinated only” sections or discounts. Imagine being an impressionable teenager who is “bullied” (because that’s what it is) into getting a shot. We already know how our public school system feels about conservative parents so do we really think they are not going to attempt to coerce our children into getting this vaccine without our consent when, legally, they can!


If you think for one second this is not happening already or isn’t going to happen in the days to come, we need you to WAKE UP! We need all hands on deck. This is a fight and we are already showing up late. We need every parent to realize that no student is safe from this.


I realize that some people are choosing to get the vaccine for themselves and for their children and that is your right as a parent. But vaccinating children without the consent of the parents using a legal loophole is deceitful and dangerous. It’s yet another example of government overreach. It’s another example of our government institutions attempting to take away our rights as parents.


Friends, the fight is here. We cannot afford to be complacent or apathetic about this one. This vaccine stuff for kids has happened really fast and it’s not going to slow down. You are sure to see it in your schools in the days ahead. Be alert. Talk with your children. Let them know how you feel, where you stand and what you expect from them and why. There is so much information we can give our teenagers if we are choosing not to vaccinate. Educate them so they feel empowered and armed with facts when they are faced with this at school. Give them the tools they need to advocate for themselves.


I would also ask you to take a proactive stance here. Email your school board members – all of them. And send a separate email to your superintendent and the principal at your student’s school. Let them know your position and what you expect from them. Do not wait. Send the emails now and tell all your friends in your school district and ask them to do the same.


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a parent’s choice, not the school’s. This is still the United States of America and we need to act like it and shut this garbage down.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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