WA Dems Go All-In ON Gender Transition of Minor Children

WA Dems Go All-In ON Gender Transition of Minor Children

Washington state senator Marko Liias has dropped a bill that would allow minor children access to “protected health care services”, a pretty and very deceptive name for abortion and gender transition surgeries, hormones and drugs.

There scientific knowledge in the area of puberty blocking hormones is severely lacking. We do not know enough about the long term mental and physical impacts of these drugs, but we do know that a significant number of people who went through these treatments as youth have come to regret it later in life and are now living with the irreversible effects of these drugs.

We know for sure that “gender transition surgeries” – mutilation of healthy children – will have severe and irreversible impacts on these children. They will render them infertile, they will have sexual dysfunction, higher risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Many of these consequences result in severe emotional and mental damage as well.

Chris Hyde of Birmingham University’s Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility stated: “There’s a large number of people who have the surgery but remain traumatized – often to the point of committing suicide.”

Even under the Obama Administration, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services concluded in 2016:

Overall, the quality and strength of evidence were low due to mostly observational study designs with no comparison groups, subjective endpoints, potential confounding (a situation where the association between the intervention and outcome is influenced by another factor such as a co-intervention), small sample sizes, lack of validated assessment tools, and considerable lost to follow-up.

The same study pointed out that the  “mortality from this patient population did not become apparent until after 10 years.”

The democrats in Washington are bent on pushing laws through this session that would allow minor children to have these procedures without the consent of their parents if “there is a compelling reason not to contact the parent or guardian.”

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Senator Marko Liias hinted that this bill was coming in a tweet on January 10th where retweeted a picture of Rep Jim Walsh’s bill “protecting children’s bodies act”, which would protect minor children from gender transition surgeries. Liias tweeted: “I want to be crystal clear; this bill is dead on arrival. It will never pass into law. In Washington State, we love and support our trans community. Our focus will be to expand access to gender-affirming and community supports.”


SB 5599 will allow the radical left to prey on vulnerable children and administer these drugs and procedures legally without the consent of their parents. This will include abortion – which is already protect for minor children.

This is a radical agenda that is harmful, sometimes to the point of death. It is one thing if an adult makes a decision to undergo this process or one of these gender-changing surgeries, but children cannot consent and they cannot go back and undo what adults coerce them into doing as minors. These procedures ruin lives.

This bill works in collaboration with SB 5489, which CLW testified against in committee this week. SB 5489 would not allow parents in other states to take legal action if their child came to Washington for these procedures and would also leave taxpayers on the hook to pay for these so-called “protected health care services.” SB 5489 has an emergency clause that would take effect as soon as the bill is passed, unlike most bills which take effect sometime (90 days or longer) after they are signed by the governor.

This is an absolute assault on our children and we do not have the luxury of being silent. We urge you to take action and we commit to bringing you updated action steps as these bills progress through the legislature.

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