WA’s 2024 Legislative Candidates

WA’s 2024 Legislative Candidates

Last week (May 6-10) was filing week. All candidates had to file by Friday, May 10th in order to run for office in Washington for this election. We’ve done our first pass at sorting through the legislative seats that will be on the ballot. We will work to make a tool that is easy to read and interactive. Bookmark this page and subscribe to our Substack to ensure you get the latest updates for legislative races in 2024.

Take a look at the list below and find out who is running in your district. We will be doing a series of livestream interviews with candidates around the state during the weeks and months ahead. We encourage you to support the Republican candidate(s) in your district – you can help by sharing information on social media, volunteering to help the campaign, door knocking, donating money, etc. Use the button below to find your district

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