Washington State Launches “WA Verify”

Washington State Launches “WA Verify”

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Under the never-ending, garbage, “emergency powers” taken by Washington’s dictator, Jay Inslee, the Department of Health has launched “WA VERIFY.” This handy system will keep your vaccine information on your smartphone and allow your information to be scanned by QR code to grant you access to places like restaurants and bars, sporting events, concerts and more! It’s pretty safe to assume that next up will be grocery stores and churches, in an effort to coerce those holdouts who have chosen, for whatever reason, to not take the mRNA injection. 

Currently, you can use your original vaccine card or even a photo on your phone as verification of your “vax” status and you can also sign up for MyIRMobile but this launching of WA Verify is a step towards only being able to use this electronic QR code as proof of vaccine. It makes it easier for the government to track you and it will ensure that there’s no cheating the system.

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As you’re reading this, I imagine you’re thinking…”this can’t be legal, can it?” It wouldn’t seem so, but we know that the democratic leaders in this state, with Inslee at the helm, don’t really care about technicalities like “legal.” Washington State Rep. Jim Walsh introduced a bill at the end of the last legislative session that would ban vaccine passports (this very thing we speak of). This bill is scheduled to be heard in the next session, coming January 2022 and has a great deal of support among voters and elected leaders alike. We encourage you to send a LETTER (the paper and stamp, snail mail kind) to every Democrat legislator in the state of Washington. All the information you need can be found here: Prohibit Vaccine Passports in Washington – Conservative Ladies of Washington

Is it any surprise that this new program was pushed through by Governor Inslee under the continued emergency powers? We shouldn’t be surprised but we should be prepared to 1) not comply and 2) fight back. I wish I was seeing more outrage by the Republican leaders and party officials in our state. We need them. It’s going to be up to conservatives and freedom lovers of every political affiliation to stand up against this. The democrats seem completely uninterested in putting an end to Inslee’s emergency powers and so it will be up to us to change the state legislature come 2022.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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