We Need YOU!

We Need YOU!

For most of us, when we hear the term “civic duty,” we think of attending rallies, waving signs, or filling out our ballots. These are all essential and God-given opportunities for political discourse in our country. However, it seems too many conservatives ignore the not-so-sexy activities of legislative participation and communicating with our elected officials about the issues we’re passionate about. Conservatives may not be intentionally ignoring this crucial element of civic duty. It’s very possible most don’t know where to start, or when is the best timing, or who is the best person to contact, especially when our own representatives work against our political and moral values.

The Conservative Ladies of Washington (CLW) is making a way for like-minded voters to engage in the arena of legislation. Legislation affects our everyday lives. It determines how much more you will pay at the pump, what your children will (or won’t) learn in school, whether you have a right to know that your child is receiving “gender-affirming care,” whether small farms have a right to the water they need to grow the crops that feed our communities, and so much more. We’re putting together a Legislative Action Team (LAT) that will monitor what our state legislature is doing and provide specific actions for our fellow conservatives to take.

Whether you have just a few moments on your smartphone to forward messages, or an hour to write and submit testimonies or blog posts or have the boldness to speak in a legislative hearing, or take on the many other available tasks, please join us. We are fighting for common sense policies in our state, and against the insanity that will be coming in the next Democrat-majority session. We are working with legislators and policy experts, and we will guide you with whatever task you are willing to take on.

We cannot allow the extremists in our legislature to think we do not exist. We do not want it said to us, “Well, we didn’t hear from any opposition.” At this time, CLW is the most effective voice in support of conservative values in the legislature. Our group is becoming known by people on both sides of the aisle. There are few conservative legislators, and we need to support these brave men and women as they speak unpopular truth to power.


It will take some bravery and some sacrifice of your time and effort. We like to say, “Freedom is not free.” Let us put our money where our mouth is and pay this small cost for the freedoms we enjoy so that the next generation can continue to do so.

*By Jeannie Magdua, CLW Legislative Action Team Leader

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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