Week 6: Washington Legislative Session

Happy Monday and Welcome to Week 6 of the Legislative Session!

As promised, every Monday of the session we’re sending you our “Top 5” bills that have hearings or some kind of action happening in the legislature this week. We are at the point in the session where bills are moving to their second committee for a hearing and moving chambers. You’re going to see bills you’ve seen before and taken action on already. YES! We need you to take action again! Every step through the process is a chance for us to take action and make our voices heard. 

Click the links below the image to sign in and have your position noted for the legislative record (this is quick, easy and IMPORTANT!) For more calls to action, visit our Legislative Action Center

SHB 1333 has moved to the Appropriations Committee and has a hearing TODAY at 4PM. TAKE ACTION BEFORE 3PM 2/13.

This bill is specifically target towards “white supremacy” – during the public hearing on 1/24 the presenters on behalf of AG Bob Ferguson’s office made it very clear that the domestic terrorism, “DVE”, they are studying are the white/patriotic/Christian population. They named groups like Washington 3%, Patriot Prayer and others. This bill, if passed into law, would be used to directly target “political enemies” of the left and dissenting voices. It is intentionally vague, leaving it wide open to whatever interpretation the AG’s office and people in power and people who end up appointed to this “commission” they choose to fit their desired outcome. 

SB 5599 – we’ve been posting a lot about this bill. SB 5599 would make it possible for minor children (no minimum age) to get gender transition surgeries or drugs and abortions without parental consent. If a youth is seeking “protected health care services” (gender transition surgeries or abortions) this is considered a “compelling reason” that parental consent would not be necessary. This is the worst bill of the session, by far! Please click the button below to send an email to the Senate Human Services Committee before 9:30AM on 2/14

SB 5710 – Giving students access to telemedicine appointments at school for mental health; a children’s mental health evidence-based practice institute shall be established at the University of Washington department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and work with Seattle Children’s Hospital. Also do research as to why Eastern WA has low participation in the mental health referral service and how to remedy this. We know how radical left UW is now and for them to be the authority on this is sketchy. Given that youth over 13 don’t need parental consent makes these bills big red flags.

Mental health is a parents role. Not a teacher, educator, or school administrator role. This does not belong in our education system.

Sign in CON by 12:30PM 2/13

SB 5242 would eliminate cost sharing for abortion which means private insurance would have to pay 100% of costs – no cost to patients, driving up insurance rates for ALL and WA taxpayers will have to foot the bill for medicaid-covered abortions.

In testimony on 1/24, Julie Barrett said:
“We do not have endless funds to draw from the citizens of Washington State,” she said. “It is wrong for taxpayers and those using private insurance to have to shoulder the cost of abortion.”

Sign in CON by 3PM 2/13

HB 1397 also known as the “Oakley Carlson Act”
The tragic disappearance of six year old Oakley Carlson has captured the attention of people from all corners of Washington state, the United States, and the world. The fact that this vibrant little girl vanished after being removed from loving foster parents and returned to troubled birth parents raises serious questions about the effectiveness of our state’s child welfare policies and bureaucracies.

HB 1397 would protect children who have been removed f from a parent based on abuse, neglect, or abandonment. This bill is sponsored by Jim Walsh

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