When Your Deeply Held Political Views Ignore Confusion, Insanity and the Bizarre

When Your Deeply Held Political Views Ignore Confusion, Insanity and the Bizarre

*By Mary Salamon, CLW Founding Member

There are millions of Christians in our nation, the United States. It is not too difficult to analyze our beliefs and core values. If we are true to our faith, our standards are high and noble. Nobility is not being born in a royal family. Isaiah 32:8 reads, “But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things, he stands.” Nobel is defined as righteous, honorable, upright, decent, moral, ethical and generous, very generous in giving. Our foundation is that righteousness is rooted in our faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for us. Through Him, we stand. I do not believe I am better than another person because I am a Christian. I align my politics with natural law and biblical law. It comes down to “Love my neighbor as myself.” This means do not steal from my neighbor, covet his or her belongings, commit adultery with his or her spouse, or intentionally slander, lie or curse my neighbor.

I look to government leaders that are honest, trustworthy, loyal, and faithful in their personal lives as well as their public life. If a leader or leaders have used and abused my trust in them, I do not make excuses for them or try to deny their wrongdoing. I do not use the “what about your leader” excuse to justify wrongdoing, lying, stealing, and cheating. Right now, there is a man in the White House that has some mental memory disorders and impaired reasoning. He has said things that have no meaning and are very bizarre. If Biden was my leader and I voted for him, I would not ignore the bizarre, the confusion, and the insanity. I would confront it. I fail to understand a party that wants to defund the police, mandate vaccinations, and support terrorist groups like Antifa.

I refuse to support a party that covers up scientific facts or looks the other way when someone is asked, “What is a woman?” How could I look away and ignore when my party declared that men can have periods and get pregnant? I would not defend the destruction of the nuclear family and create a hostile environment between parent and child.

I would not keep covering up the most hideous, blatant distortions of social issues in order to keep my political views on abortion, the environment, and immigration. If ever my party became as bizarre as the Democrats, I would run, not walk away and take as many I could with me.


Mary is the author of The Government and Its People as well as her new children’s coloring book, Government in The Bible, available on Amazon Amazon.com: Mary Salamon: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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