Who’s to Blame For The Tampon Crisis?

Who’s to Blame For The Tampon Crisis?

Add tampons to the long list of consumer goods and supplies that are getting harder to find. It seems that regardless of what product you’re looking to buy, the selection and supply are smaller across the board. I’m sure you’ve noticed it on store shelves. Along with a pretty steep rise in prices.

So much winning going on under the Biden Administration.

In an article last week in Time Magazine, the company spokeswoman placed the blame in shortage on the successful ad campaign featuring comedienne, Amy Schumer:

Ask Procter & Gamble why it is so hard to find tampons right now, and the company will blame Amy Schumer. P&G, which makes Tampax, America’s most popular tampon brand, launched a new ad campaign with the comedian in July of 2020. Since then, “retail sales growth has exploded,” spokeswoman Cheri McMaster says. Demand is up 7.7% over the past two years, and the company is running its Auburn, Maine Tampax factory 24/7 to meet demand. (All of P&G’s tampons are made in one factory in Maine; all of the tampons of Edgewell Personal Care, which makes the brands Playtex and o.b., are made in a factory in Dover, Delaware.)

Personally, I find it really hard to believe that women started buying Tampax tampons in record numbers because they were so impressed with the work of Amy Schumer. She’s not really that funny and it’s just a tampon. We just want it to do the job.

The other idea could be that there has been more effort around the country to include feminine products in men’s restrooms…because not just women menstruate. In an effort to include “menstruating men” many schools and businesses have put tampons and other supplies in the men’s room. What could possibly go wrong? (If you spend any time around adolescent males as I do, you can probably think of several things)

If we’re dipping into the supply of tampons to help stock men’s restrooms where they are likely not even being used or being used inappropriately by the non-menstruating males, it can’t be helping this issue.

The truth of the matter is that we have a cotton supply issue, with demand unable to keep up. According to supply-chain specialist Patrick Penfield of Syracuse University, this is the 3rd year in a row where demand for cotton products in the US is exceeding what our companies are producing.

With an administration that is more focused on “woke” issues like transgender surgeries for children, climate change and taking away your second amendment rights, it is pretty safe to say that there hasn’t been a focus on fixing the supply-chain issues we are seeing widely. It’s probably safe to say that we won’t see this improve soon.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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