Women’s History Month Goes Woke

Women’s History Month Goes Woke

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington


In an effort to be more “inclusive” of transgender and non-binary individuals, we are now calling it “WomXn’s History Month.” If your first thought is…”WAIT! But it’s for women, why does it need to be inclusive of people who don’t identify as women?”…you’re not alone.


I first learned of this new trend through the Washington Education Association. The teacher’s union. The people that are educating our children. They are pushing out not only a misspelling – because we know that is intentional – but a narrative that biological women are not special, not unique, not important. At least that’s how I, as a woman, interpreted it. Apparently anyone can participate in Women’s History Month. And to make those who weren’t born with female anatomy comfortable, we will spell it funky.

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Why are people using “womxn” anyway?


The term “womxn” is inclusive to trans womxn, womxn of colour, and basically reclaims the word “woMAN” for us to own and redefine. Strong, independent, diverse: ”womxn” is inclusive. Womxn is empowering. We respectfully acknowledge that not all womxn have periods, and not all people with periods identify as womxn. Using this spelling is a necessary step forward for us at Blume to continue nurturing our community, and having conversations that we believe are important. (*Blume.com)


The term Womxn is an alternative term for the English language word women which has been regularly in use since 2015 to explicitly include transgender women and women of color.[1] It has been used in a similar manner as womyn and wimmin, as a rejection of the folk etymology of ‘woman’ allegedly being ‘of man’.[2] Due to transgender women and women of colour’s perceived exclusion from the usage of these respellings, an “x” is used to “broaden the scope of womanhood,” to include them. (*Wikipedia)


Why are we trying to erase women?


If the Equality Act passes into law, it will allow transgenders (biological males) to compete in women’s athletics. It will allow transgenders and those who otherwise identify as females to use the women’s locker room or restroom. In theory, this means that my young teenage daughters could be alone in a restroom with a full grown, biological male. In an effort to make a very small group of people “comfortable” we are making half of our population feel potentially threatened and awkward at best. Women are being told that they don’t matter, their feelings don’t matter and that if someone else wants to call themselves a woman, we must play along.


What’s the end game here? What’s the point of all this?


I truly believe this is yet another effort to strip human beings of our individuality, our uniqueness. I believe it all plays along with the whole “mask” thing. The mask covers half of your face and makes it difficult for people to read your facial expressions. We communicate so much about ourselves to the world around us with our facial expressions, especially our mouths. Let’s be honest, many women love our lipstick – it’s one of the ways we define our personal style. We smile at strangers, make faces at babies, grimace in pain. With the mask on, we’re a little less unique and a little more the same.


This seems to be the theme that the people on the left want to make our “new normal.” Sameness. Equity and equality – those are the buzzwords. So if we’re all just womxn and not women, then everybody feels included. It starts to feel like we’re giving participation trophies to everyone just for playing the game. I have given birth to 4 children. I breast fed (NOT chest fed) all of my children. As a woman, my body made the perfect food that each of my individual children needed. This is a trait unique to women, God made us this way. Biological men cannot do this – they do not make milk – at least not without the help of science. But yet, now we’re supposed to change the words for how we feed our children to be more inclusive and not make anyone who is not a biological woman feel bad?


Is this the twilight zone? What is going on?


So here we are, in Women’s History Month – a time when we could highlight the amazing accomplishments of women from the past and present. We could teach our daughters and our young women about the amazing ladies who have gone before us and what the brought to our world. We could empower young women all over the world to pursue their passions and dreams. But instead we are telling them that they’re just the same as everyone else. We’re telling them they’re not really that special. After all, anyone can be a woman. Sorry, womxn.


This is where I draw the line. Be whatever you want. Do what makes you happy. That’s not my business. However, I draw the line when we have to start relabeling what is a “scientific fact” (since the left likes science so much) in an effort to make people feel more included. That’s not how it works.


“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27


It’s WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH. Please take this opportunity to teach the young girls and young women in your life about the incredible women who have come before them. Please teach these precious young ladies that they were created unique and special – on purpose, for a purpose.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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