A WIN for Washington Taxpayers

A WIN for Washington Taxpayers

Over the weekend we sent you a call to action on two bills that had hearings this morning in the House Capital Budget Committee – HB-1226 and HJR-4200

HB-1226 would have changed school bond vote thresholds from 60 percent to a simple majority and HJR-4200 would have amended the state consitution to allow for this policy change. Essentially, this would have been a property tax increase for Washington taxpayers. 

WINNING: Both of these bills died in committee this morning.

Before I testified this morning I was scrolling through the pages of citizens who had signed in on these bills. I noticed that all those in support of these bills were employed by school districts, the teachers unions and other special interest groups….people who have something to gain. And so I tweaked my testimony to make mention of this. It’s time our lawmakers know that our voices matter and we will vote accordingly. 

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Instead of holding our schools accountable to serve the needs of all Washington students, we are lowering the bar, making it easier for them to receive funding from taxpayers who do not agree with the way those funds are being used. As I look through the people who have signed in to register for this bill, I notice that most of the people in support of this bill have something to gain – they’re part of a union, or they are an administrator in a school district or other special interest group. The people in opposition are just your average taxpaying citizens who want their voices to be heard. Citizens want change in our schools, changing the voting requirements on school bonds is not the answer, it only allows our failing public schools to continue to use public funds irresponsibly. If taxpayers felt these measures were in the best interest of our children, getting 60% would be easy to do. We don’t get to change the rules of the game because we’re not winning.   I ask the committee today to vote NO on HB 1226.

Be ENCOURAGED friends! Let’s keep the pressure on!!

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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