Month: February 2022

Washington’s Gender Inclusive Schools are Exclusive of Parents

As many parents have learned over the course of the last two years, the government schools in Washington state are less concerned with educating our students and preparing them for success after high school as they are indoctrinating them with leftist ideology, including gender diversity, critical race theory and comprehensive sex ed (CSE).

Praying in the Name of Jesus Prohibited by Radical Left Democrats

On Saturday, the Washington State House of Representatives convened for floor debates. Representative Joel McEntire from the 19th legislative district posted on Facebook that the Republicans, who always open in prayer, had been told that they may not use the name of Jesus when they pray.

ALERT: BOH Meeting to Consider Inclusion of Covid-19 Shot for School Students

. Thursday, February 10th, the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will meet to continue this conversation. We encourage you to attend the meeting via Zoom (it’s a long meeting – grab a device you can run it on and go about your day while keeping an ear on things) and send an email to the board with your thoughts and concerns.