Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is arguably one of the top two or three threats to our American way of life as we know it today.


Conservative Ladies of Washington is committed to sounding the alarm on this garbage as often as we can. But we don’t just want to “sound the alarm”, we want to inspire YOU to take action to speak out against this. That can look different for each person. Maybe you are called to send emails or make phone calls to legislators and other leaders. Maybe you are a parent or taxpayer who feels compelled to stand in front of the school board and tell them exactly how you feel about this agenda being pushed in our public “schools” (we use quotes because they have become more like indoctrination centers than schools). Or maybe you’re a person who wants to make signs and peacefully protest with others. There are many ways we can stand against this agenda that seeks to destroy our nation and indoctrinate our youth.


Here we will share resources that will educate you on CRT. We’ll also share links to videos and articles about other parents and citizens in Washington and beyond to inspire you to take action too!


Conservative Ladies of Washington

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