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Get Louder for Our Kids

Even if you are not a parent or grandparent, we really need your voice. It is infuriating what we are watching in the legislature’s education committees this session. Complete disregard and disdain for parents. The Democrats in power truly believe that they have the authority over OUR children. Please, join us in fighting back! We’re doing our best to make it easy for you.

Senate Bill 5237 Seeks to Take Local Power from School Boards

If parents object to certain teaching materials, they may bring those objections to their local school board and let the superintendent know. District superintendents then establish curriculum FOR THEIR DISTRICT based on their district’s needs. Critical theory proponents in Olympia don’t like this. So, they’ve introduced SB 5237 which threatens non-compliant school districts with certain consequences, including withholding twenty percent of the district’s funds.

Basic Income Program a Very Real Possibility in WA

HB-1045 would create a pilot program for leftist democrats to introduce a universal income to Washington state, following the lead of California. This bill asserts that climate change, disease and quarantines will become the “new normal”, causing economic hardship and requiring the state to respond by providing financial income to Washington residents. Who will pay for this? We will.