Legislative Action Team

Legislative Action Team

Our Legislative Action Team (LAT) is a group of members who watch legislation pertaining to our 5 core issues: Parental Rights, Education, Right to Life (abortion, end of life care), 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment. Our LAT is responsible for researching proposed and active legislation, reading bills, creating messaging to educate and inform the public about proposed laws and how they will impact citizens. Our team educates citizens and assists them in testifying before the state legislature.

Our team is proof that you do not need to have a formal education or years of experience in government to be effective influencers. Most of us are just “ordinary citizens” who care a great deal about what is happening in our state and in our country and have moved from the sidelines to the battlefield. We invite you to join us. There is a way for everyone to participate in this process – we will help utilize your unique strengths and skills to have the most impact. And whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours a week, we can make use of your time and talents!

Meet our LAT leaders

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Julie Barrett is the founder of Conservative Ladies of America, which began in Washington state in March of 2021. Originally, Conservative Ladies was intended to be a space for likeminded women to connect, but after a horrifying encounter with anti-parent laws in Washington state, Julie became active in the state legislature, networking with state legislators and testifying on bills. Seeing a need for citizen engagement, Julie focused the work of Conservative Ladies on empowering and educating citizens to speak up and get active in local, state and federal policy-making. In 2023 Conservative Ladies of Washington was the most effective organization impacting the state legislature. Julie launched Conservative Ladies of America to expand these efforts to ladies and men around the country.



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Jeannie is a full time educator, wife, mom of 4 who is passionate about protecting our American values and specifically, saving our children from the indoctrination happening in our government schools. Jeannie’s focus on the team will be on education policy.


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Leslie is a wife and a homeschool/homesteading mother of 5. She and her husband, Lonny Ray lead the American Independent Patriots Party, produce The Pamphlet and much more! They are very involved in fighting for WA and America. Leslie is focused primarily on legislation that deals with 1st Amendment but covering other aspects as well.


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Joy Gjersvold is a mom, a proud military spouse, and a former high school teacher. She has served her community in grassroots programs since she was 18 including serving as a Navy Family Ombudsman, an Ombudsman Trainer, and the Group 9 Ombudsman Assembly Chair at SubBase Bangor, WA. Joy has advocated for children, parents, and families her whole life and continues that legacy with her work in her community in Kitsap County. We are thrilled to have Joy’s passion and expertise on our leadership team.


eric pratt


Eric Pratt is a business owner and single dad in Jefferson County. He is a constitutionalist and very passionate about preserving our rights. Eric and Julie met 2 during the 2022 legislative session where they collaborated on many areas of policymaking. Eric joined our LAT in 2022 and has graciously accepted our request to be a leader this year on the team for the 2024 session. Eric will be working specifically on 2nd Amendment legislation as well as many other areas.


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