Category: Elections

Official Endorsement: Brandon Beynon for State Representative LD31

It is with great hope and confidence that we give our full support and official endorsement to Brandon Beynon, candidate for State Representative in the 31st Legislative District of Washington.

Official Endorsement: Tamborine Borrelli, Secretary of State

In a time when saying things like “election integrity” and “election fraud” have somehow become controversial, Tamborine is a candidate who is willing to pursue truth, speak truth and not back down.

What You Need to Know When Casting Your Ballot

Off-year local elections are full of new candidates and it is difficult to know who is the best choice. These jobs are important and many of the people elected use them as stepping stones for advancing up the political ladder. Those running should truly care about the duties and goals of the office they are running for, the results of their actions when elected, and the impact on our community. I’ve tried to find those people.