CLW’s 2023 Legislative Scorecard

CLW’s 2023 Legislative Scorecard

We complied the voting records of Washington legislators on a sampling of 10 of the bills our team testified on and issued calls to action on during the 2023 session.

*The highlighted members are those who voted with our position on each of these 10 bills. Please reach out and thank these legislators for their work and encourage them to continue a conservative voting position in 2024.

Conservative Ladies of Washington OPPOSED all 10 bills

SB 5179: Increasing access to the provisions of the Washington death with dignity act. Expands advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants authority to perform the duties of the Death with Dignity Act. Reduces the waiting period for the lethal meds and permits them to be delivered or mailed.

SB 5082:  abolished advisory votes, silencing the voices of citizens.

SB 5208:  allows for online voter registration with just the last 4 digits of your SSN, no additional security/identification verification

HB 1048: also called the “Washington Voting Rights Act” is unconstitutional, providing special rights and special protections for certain groups of people. Our constitution gives “equal and fair protections for ALL citizens.” This bill allows for non-citizens to vote and for certain groups of people to be penalized arbitrarily. This is further destruction of Washington’s already broken voting system.

HB 1155: Addressing the collection, sharing, and selling of consumer health data. Establishes consumer rights of access, withdraw consent, and deletion regarding consumer health data.

SB 5242: Prohibiting cost sharing for abortion. Prohibits health plans from imposing cost-sharing for abortion services. A health plan, including student health plans, that provides coverage for maternity care or services must also provide substantially equivalent coverage to permit the abortion of a pregnancy.

HB 1469: The “Shield Law”: makes Washington a sanctuary state for “protected health care” (abortion and “gender affirming” services). HB 1469 is problematic in that Washington courts will not be honoring the court actions of other states, which would very likely lead to other states not honoring the court actions of Washington

SB 5599: Provides MINOR children access to abortion & transgener hormones, meds, surgery

Allows non-homeless minors to be housed in youth shelters/host homes

Eliminates parental NOTIFICATION

SB 5077: this change to the Uniform Commercial Code appears to set the stage to establish a controllable central bank digital currency in Washington. It seems to be setting the stage to change what we consider to be acceptable “consideration for the purpose of forming legally binding, enforceable contracts (key essentials of a contract being: offer, acceptance, and consideration (money or something of tangible, controllable, and of value). The whole idea of “Controllable Accounts, Controllable Payment Intangibles, and Controllable Electronic Records…” is very concerning

HB 1204: so-called “assault weapons” ban. This law bans the sale of many commonly used firearms and parts in the state of Washington

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