Evil Acknowledged

Evil Acknowledged

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

If you acknowledge evil, you have to fight it. That’s why most people choose to deny it. It’s more comfortable.

Dennis Prager
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The amount of evil going on in our world right now is not just uncomfortable, it is downright painful. It’s hard to watch, much less process the reality of it all. We see so many people in our world who seem to be “asleep” or just ignorant of everything that’s going on. While it seems obvious to many of us, we have friends and loved ones who are falling for it hook, line and sinker. And it’s mind-boggling!

This quote by Dennis Prager makes so much sense. I’ve noticed in myself the urge to escape reality these days. I’ll find myself compelled to shop at my favorite online boutique or order something random from Amazon in a nonsensical attempt to feel like everything is just fine. It’s not fine. It’s a constant state of physical discomfort and it’s natural to want to find ways to cope. We just want to feel comfortable, even if for a moment.

It makes sense that many people would prefer not to acknowledge the evil. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is a lot of work to get in this fight. In all transparency, I have thought often about the pre-Trump days when I had no idea what was going on in our government and paid no attention to politics, elections and the like. Living in ignorance definitely has its perks…I mean, you can’t stress out about what you don’t know is happening…right?

But I’m awake now. And hopefully you’re awake now too. We have to acknowledge the evil and we must fight it, futile as it may seem. There’s an onslaught of evil every single day – from the global scene to our children’s classrooms to our own homes. While I may have enjoyed living in ignorant bliss, I can no longer unknow or unsee the evil I know and see. Now we have a responsibility to fight back, relentlessly.

I believe we have been called to be the devil’s worst nightmare. You can knock us down, but you will not break us. We will get back up again…and again…and again. Sometimes this is the thing that motivates me the most – I love to make the devil mad and I love a challenge. I know the enemy wants the things I love the most – my children, my family, my faith, my freedom – and that makes me real mad. Not a chance in hell. Not today, Satan. Not ever!

These days are tough. Everything feels heavy and around every corner there’s a fight – whether it’s dealing with your kid’s school, or someone at a store who is angry you are breathing fresh air. Being “awake” is draining. We shouldn’t be surprised when we have family and friends who aren’t ready to admit to the evil we’re dealing with today. We still must continue to share truth and do everything we can to wake up the people around us. With each person who wakes up and joins our fight, we get so much stronger.

When the days feel heavy and the fight feels lonely, take comfort in knowing that there are many Americans feeling the same way and fighting the same fight. Seek them out, spend time in community. We need each other now more than ever before. This is a worthy fight and we must never relent!

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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