For the People or the Politicians?

For the People or the Politicians?

You’ve probably heard about it by now, H.R. 1, the “For the People Act”. This bill, if passed, would forever change the way elections are done in the United States and would pave the way for fraudulent and illegal voting on a massive scale. This bill would line the pockets of politicians by publicly funding campaigns.


H.R. 1 creates public subsidies for campaigns through a six-to-one taxpayer match on small-donor campaign contributions of up to $200. For every $200, the federal government will pay $1,200 of taxpayer dollars to a congressional or presidential campaign. Meaning regardless of whether you support my bid for reelection, $1 million in public funds would have been to get me reelected last cycle had H.R. 1 been enacted.


The Epoch Times shares some of the key changes to election laws made by H.R. 1:

1. Gives the federal government authority to administer elections: Although the U.S. Constitution gives states the authority to run their elections as they see fit, Democrats have interpreted the Constitution in their favor, stating in H.R. 1 that “Congress finds that it has broad authority to regulate the time, place, and manner of congressional elections under the Elections Clause of the Constitution, Article I, section 4.”

2. Limits a plaintiff’s access to federal courts when challenging H.R. 1: The bill mandates that any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of H.R. 1 could only be filed in the District Court for the District of Columbia and all plaintiffs would be required “to file joint papers or to be represented by a single attorney at oral argument.”

3. Mandates automatic voter registration (AVR) in all 50 states (19 states currently have AVR): In what proponents call “modernizing” elections, any person who gives their information to designated government agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, a public university, or a social service agency, would be registered to vote. The bill mandates same-day and online registration.

4. Mandates no-fault absentee ballots: This provision does away with witness signature or notarization requirements for absentee ballots. Additionally, it would force states to accept absentee ballots received up to 10 days after Election Day.

5. Prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from registries or confirming the eligibility and qualifications of voters: The bill would make it illegal to verify the address of registered voters, cross-checking voter registration lists to find individuals registered in multiple states, or ever removing registrants, no matter how much time has elapsed.

6. Restores the Voting Rights Act: This provision requires states to obtain approval from the federal government before implementing any changes to voting rules. There is also a provision that criminalizes the “hindering, interfering, or preventing” of anyone from registering or voting.

7. Bans state voter ID laws: States would no longer be allowed to require ID for voting and would be forced to accept signed statements from individuals claiming to verify who they say they are.


This bill now moves to the senate. It’s extremely important that every person contact their Senator to express their opposition. Here’s an easy link that will send an email to your Senators. It’s already written for you – Intercessors for America – Pray For America’s Leaders (

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