If You Love Your Children

If You Love Your Children

*By Julie Barrett, Founder of Conservative Ladies of Washington


There’s a new commercial playing on tv by the US Department of Health and Human Services. This 15 second spot shows teens who have recently been vaccinated, looking happy and expressing their thanks to their parents…”Thank you for loving me enough [to get me the vaccine]”


The message: if you love your children “enough”, you will get them the vaccine. A tactic used to guilt and shame parents into giving their children an experimental vaccine. The implication that I don’t love my children enough if I make the informed choice not to get them vaccinated really infuriates me and drives me further from doing what “they” are insisting I do in order to be a good parent.


But parents are buying this message hook, line and sinker. Parents across the country are subjecting their children to an experimental vaccine. Last month the FDA extended the EUA to include children ages 12-15, despite numerous warnings about the risks of the Covid vaccine for children. The CDC was quick to offer their endorsement of this decision…also ignoring the warnings of risks to our children.


Covid-19 has a 99.98% survival rate for people under the age of 19. The effectiveness of the vaccine is rumored to be around 90%, but it’s still far too early to tell. When I do the quick math there it seems to me that, for my children, they’re better off taking the gamble with that .02% than a vaccine that is only maybe 90% effective and carries significant risks for youth.


Despite the data telling me my children are better off vaccine-free, the government wants me to think I don’t love my children enough if I don’t subject my children to this experiment. Fortunately, I don’t rely on the government to validate me as a parent and I already know that I love my children something fierce and there is not a thing in this world I wouldn’t do to protect them.


I don’t judge other parents and their decision-making. That’s none of my business. However, I would implore every parent to do their due-diligence and do the research about this vaccine. Don’t just follow what your tv is telling you to do. This is a time to be very curious, to think critically and to ask questions and demand truthful answers. You cannot “uninject” something from your child’s body and I am fairly confident the majority of parents are doing the very best they can for the health and safety of their children.


What we have seen over this past year that is becoming evident to more and more people, is that we were not told the truth. Facts were hidden from the American people and the entire world. We are watching it unfold. There is nothing more precious than our children. It is our job as parents to seek and find the truth.


*Julie is a mother of 5 children ranging in age from 25 to 14. 

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