It’s #2ATuesday in Olympia

It’s #2ATuesday in Olympia


We’ve got 2A bills being heard in Olympia on Tuesday, March 14th at 10:30AM in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee and we need you to help by making your position noted for the legislative record. You must take action on both of these bills before 9:30AM on 3/14/23.

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SB 5078: This bill should really be entitled the “Put the FFL Out of Business Act of 2023.”  This bill, which greatly expands the definition of “public nuisance” essentially asks to give the Attorney General unbridled discretion and power to put any FFL they want out of business with frivolous nuisance claims. This bill would give the Attorney General the same kind of unchecked powers that our Governor had for nearly one thousand days. The passage of this would result in significant damage to the FFL industry.

SB 5078 has a public hearing in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee on 3/14. Sign in CON by 9:30AM Tuesday, 3/14/23

SB 5006: “Clarifying waiver of firearm rights.” This could be a good bill, keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals, however, we are very concerned about the vague language of this bill and the fact that it would allow marriage counselors and therapists to determine if a person should have their firearm rights waived. It’s easy to see how this could go wrong. We oppose the bill because these are not sources that should determine if a person’s firearm rights must be waived. Sign in CON by Tuesday, 3/14/23 at 9:30AM

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