It’s July! You thought pride month was over

It’s July! You thought pride month was over

Happy July 1st! Many Americans are exhaling in relief today as June, now celebrated as “Pride Month”, in every part of government, education systems, corporations and even many religious institutions, comes to a close.

We should have learned by now that the queer activists/Marxists that demand the celebration of “LGBTQIA+” will not be satisfied with a single month of celebrations. Did you know there are more than 40 “LGBTQ focused” days or weeks throughout the year in addition to the month of June?

After celebrating “pride” during the entire month of June, next Tuesday Pierce County Council in Washington state will be voting on a declaration to make July LGBTQIA+ Pride Month as well.

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Just days after we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, which is a time to bring all Americans together in unity, the council will vote to pass a declaration that fosters division and endorses a social agenda contrary to American values.

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As stated in the proclamation, for the first time in Pierce County’s history, the Pierce County Council will proudly fly the Pride Flag throughout the month of July in County Council Chambers.

Planting a flag has various symbolic meanings depending on the context, but some common interpretations include Claiming Territory and Conquest:  Historically, planting a flag often symbolizes claiming ownership or sovereignty over a particular piece of land or territory. It is a physical representation of asserting control or dominance.

~WA State Senator Jim McCune, LD 2

The cult of queer is will never be satisfied. They will constantly push to normalize more and more of their insanity. The only way to stop it is for sane people to push back, to SPEAK UP and say NO MORE!

What we know for sure: what passes in one city/county/school district/state will spread far and wide.


Email the Pierce County Council TODAY and urge them to cancel the July 2024 Pride Month proclamation!

Copy/Paste the following emails:

The proclamation will be presented at the3:00 PM Tuesday, 07/09/2024 Council meeting. Please consider attending the meeting or joining via Zoom to speak against the measure during the public comment time:

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