It’s Not Really About “Equality”

It’s Not Really About “Equality”

The Equality Act, HR 5, is not really about “equality” at all. This proposed act turns sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) into protected classes under the 1964 Civil Liberties Rights Act and 1968 Fair Housing Act.

This bill will create a special protected class for people who choose to see their identity as fluid or alterable.


  • The proposed Equality Act (H.R. 5) would empower the federal government to impose civil and criminal punishments on citizens who dissent from SOGI ideology.
  • Medicine will be politicized by forcing doctors nationwide to treat gender dysphoria according to recommendations by transgender activists.
  • Politicization of medicine will increase pressure on parents to permit hormone and surgery experiments on their children to address gender dysphoria.

*Read the entire report: H.R. 5 Is No Act of Equality | The Heritage Foundation

Civil and criminal punishments would be levied upon citizens who dissent from the transgender and sexual orientation ideology – up to 6 months in prison or $1000 in fines.

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