It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!

Today is the official ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Conservative Ladies of Washington. On March 2, 2021 we launched our membership platform, with a mission of gathering, connecting and uniting likeminded women in Washington state.


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But let’s rewind for a moment…

In November of 2019 I decided to start a little Facebook group, after getting booted from all of the left-leaning neighborhood groups in my local area, including the school district parent group. I thought this would be a place where I could connect my likeminded friends. We would meet for coffee and happy hours, and no one would call us names like “racist” or “bigot” or “homophobe” and it would be refreshing.

And a few months later Covid lockdowns came. Our little group grew. A couple months later, George Floyd died, and the “Summer of Love” ensued. Our little group grew. By the fall of 2020 we had over 1000 ladies in our “little Facebook group.” I didn’t even know there were 1000 conservative ladies in Washington. I could sense that God was calling me to do something beyond Facebook with this group, but I wasn’t sure what.

Then we had the elections of 2020. And you know how that went. Our little group grew. At that time, I was already working on a business plan, a website, and a membership platform. What would this look like? How could we activate our group to create change?  

I would say most of the ladies that make up our membership are those who haven’t really been involved in politics or government. They’ve been raising their children, tending to their families, running a business, active in church, etc. When Trump was elected in 2016 many of us who hadn’t been paying much attention started to wake up to the reality of what was going on in our country and in our state. When Covid hit in 2020, many of us knew that if we didn’t step up and get involved in the fight for freedom, we will lose it.

Today our Facebook group has nearly 10,000 people and we have nearly 400 subscribing members, who are the driving force behind the action of Conservative Ladies of Washington. They are passionate about preserving our freedom, our constitutional rights and saving our state – and especially saving our children! After all, our children are going to be running this place someday and if we don’t get things turned around, it’s not going to be good (I’ll save my colorful words.)

2022 has been off to a BIG start for CLW. We have been very active in our state legislative session and making a big impact! Myself and some of our members have testified on very important bills. Given the current makeup of our legislature, we must work very hard this year to turn some blue seats red…and some purple seats red. We are committed to supporting America-first candidates in Washington and nationally.

This month we will be joined by Representative Jesse Young for our monthly member event (this one is open to non-members – including men). In April we will be joined by Joe Kent, congressional candidate in Clark County. In August we will hold our first-annual Ladies Voice Conference – a 2-day conference in Spokane. Check out our events here: Events Archive – Conservative Ladies of Washington

If you’re not a member yet, we would love for you to jump on board and join us. We have so much work to do and we love to have fun doing it. Come join us! Conservative Ladies of Washington Membership – Conservative Ladies of Washington

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

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