It’s Wake Up Time!

It’s Wake Up Time!

By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington


Conservatives have no problem taking to social media and airing their grievances about the current state of our country and the insanity taking place in our government. I see it everyday – the complaining about the way things are and how crazy the left is, but I don’t see most of these people stepping up to do anything about it. Maybe they think like I used to think: “There are people that fix these things, I don’t need to worry about it.”


And then I woke up.


I do need to worry about it and if only a few people are willing to step into the ring and fight to “fix” these things, then we’re going to lose every single time. And we have. Especially here in Washington state. If you ever take a look at the bills passing through our state legislature and who voted for/against, it is a very clear picture of votes almost always down partisan lines. And because Democrats have the majority in Washington, the Republicans lose every time.  Our representatives only get ONE vote, there’s only so much they can do for our conservative cause.


If you look at the left they are organized, they are vocal and they are persistent. They collaborate to share a unified message and they make it easy for people to get on board with whatever agenda it is they are pushing at the moment. The Democrats are also very good at leveraging social media to get their message out to the masses. We’ve got to give credit where credit is due – they do work very hard to get their way in our government.


The GOP definitely needs to step up its game if we’re going to have any chance of winning this fight to save America and to save our state. But here’s the thing: we ARE the GOP. We cannot afford to continue to sit back and say, “Yep, the people in the GOP really need to get it together so we have a fighting chance.” No. We are the fighting chance and we must get off our butts and start helping the effort.


If you want change, you MUST commit to spending your time, your energy and yes, even your money, to help. Stop waiting for someone else to tell you what to do. If you hear about something that sounds wrong to you – perhaps one of the many bills aimed at dismantling our 2A rights – research it, learn about it and then figure out what you can do. Who can you call? Who do you need to write to? What can you share on social media with your audience and compel them to do?


We’ve got to stop needing to be spoon fed every action step. If we care enough about our freedoms we will spend a little time to research ways that we can help. I get it, we’ve been busy living our lives, caring for our families, building our businesses…BEING AMERICANS…but we have missed our duty. And I’m just as guilty as anyone else – I’m new to this whole “politics game” myself. I see the need for citizens like you and me to get off the sidelines and start playing the game. We cannot rely on a very small group of people to do the heavy lifting. If we do, we’re setting them up for failure and they cannot accomplish “our” goals.


We need a “great awakening” of Conservatives. If we do not step up now and give everything we can to the cause of saving America, we will lose her. And we will have only ourselves to blame.


Conservative Ladies of Washington is committed to working with leaders in Washington and collaborating with other organizations that will also be working to preserve our American values. Joining CLW or donating to our organization helps us to lead the charge in getting this work done. And we invite all of our members to take a very active role with us in creating change.


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