The Mama Bear Movement Part 1

The Mama Bear Movement Part 1

*By Mary Salamon, Conservative Ladies of Washington Church Liaison

You’ve seen the FB post with the mama bear crossing the road with her cubs. She’s sweet and nurturing, protective and caring. It makes a person’s heart swell to observe the tenderness and love she has for her cubs.

If a grizzly is protective enough to go after a human throat if her cubs are in danger of being taken, how much more will a human being that is a mother that has given birth, and nurtured her young children will do everything in her power to protect them. In the natural bonding of events, mothers love and protect their children. What are the things in life that mothers naturally protect their children from?

Physical harm

Sexual abuse

Stranger danger/ being taken captive physically and emotionally

Sickness and disease (If possible)

Mental abuse

Corruption and peer pressure

Drug abuse/ drug dealers/

For years, mothers took for granted that they could trust doctors, school officials, and teachers and the last person a mother thought could be a threat to her children was a government official.

In the last few years, the political landscape has changed so radically that it has theoretically poked the Mama bear, to the point, that school officials, doctors, and government officials will be running and possibly begging for their collective lives very soon.

All of the above will never come between a mother and her children. Unless the spirit of the age deceives the mother and she caves in and gives up her children without understanding. But with Grizzly Mama Bears, that’s not happening. If any of the above try to come after a Grizzly Mama Bear’s child, expect confrontation at every level.

And the confrontations have begun. The left should have stayed away. They should have kept their distance. They should have stayed in their corner and understood their boundaries, but instead, they came into the caves and the spaces uninvited and began to attack, poke, prod, and disturb the natural order of life, family life. Big Mistake!

The left has aroused the wrath of the Mama Bears with critical race theory, along with sexual education that promotes and encourages sexual activities and behavior behind and against parental awareness and authority. Their goal is to dismantle the nuclear family. Here in Washington State, Governor Inslee approved legislation mandating critical race theory training for all public-school teachers and signed into the law the most aggressive, perverted sex education bill in the nation. The fight is on.

All across the nation, mothers are rising up against the brainwashing of their children and are pushing back against the darkness. They are gathering together as a mighty force and a strong voice. They are forming alliances and showing up on behalf of their children and others in their community and circles. Mama bears are showing up at school board meetings and jumping in for seats at the table of school boards. Conservative mothers are gathering on social media, sending emails, and making appearances at civil activities.

In a Federalist article, Carrie Benton writes, ”

One Virginia mother, a Chinese immigrant, likened critical race theory to the sort of abuses inflicted on the Chinese population during the Cultural Revolution and insisted it should have no place in our schools.

A black mother, also from Virginia, called for the ban of critical race theory, which she slammed as an abusive tactic designed to divide and oppress. One Arizona mother had to point out the bleeding obvious that we should be teaching children about seeing and valuing humanity, not colors.

A Colorado mother accused the Douglas County School District board of marginalizing parents and pushing equity and collectivism over equality of opportunity. She reminded them that their real job was not to engage in social engineering but to address the county’s dismal proficiency in areas like reading and math. In a jaw-dropping ten-minute throw down, New York mother Tatiana Ibrahim blasted her school district for demoralizing children, teaching them communist values, undermining family’s religious beliefs, and encouraging hatred of and violence towards police officers. Ibrahim promised to become the school board’s worst nightmare.                                                             <>

All mothers should become the government’s worse nightmare when the government infringes on parental rights. Parenting and guarding the hearts and minds of our children is not for the fainthearted. Your home and your family unit are the refuge and strong tower for children.  Not every mother needs to run for the school board, but every mother needs to safeguard the family. In part two of the Mama Bear Movement, we’ll give you some good suggestions


Mary is the author of The Government and Its People as well as her new children’s coloring book, Government in The Bible, available on Amazon Mary Salamon: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Mary also serves as the Church Liaison for Conservative Ladies of Washington. 

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