NIH awards Seattle Children’s Hospital over $450,000 to create interactive online sex-ed tool for LGBTQ youth

NIH awards Seattle Children’s Hospital over $450,000 to create interactive online sex-ed tool for LGBTQ youth

By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

The National institute of Health (NIH) has granted Seattle Children’s Hospital over $450,000 to develop and pilot test an online interactive sexual education tool for transgender and gender expansive (TGE) youth. Seattle Children’s Hospital is certainly on the front line of the transgender industry. And it is an industry, a “cash cow” for the medical industrial complex.

On September 6, 2023, Seattle Children’s hospital received a grant in the amount of $240,544. SCH will use this grant funding to form a “youth advisory board” and engage “community consultants” in an effort to co-design a fully functional online interactive sexual education tool. The justification for this project is that “TGE” are at a high rate for sexually transmitted diseases, risky sexual behaviors, violence exposure, and unwanted pregnancy. The program would also work to develop information for “TGE” to teach that “gender affirming” medical treatments do not prevent pregnancy and would give “TGE” youth information about contraception.

The program by SCH is in alignment with the goals of the Biden Administration and the NIH to develop more information and resources for transgender youth. According to the grant details: “It will result in the first evidence- and strengths-based online sexual health intervention for TGE youth.”

This grant appears to be a continuation to fund an ongoing project by SCH. On September 5, 2022, SCH received a grant from NIH in the amount of $216,453. This portion of the project appears to be the research portion with the new grant funding the creation of the interactive online sexual education tool.

The pilot program will collect on participant knowledge; general/sexuality-specific self-efficacy; partner communication; risky sexual behaviors; social support; and resilience. The data, of course, will be used to create and fund larger programs like this online tool for youth around the country.

SCH NIH funded transgender programs

It’s important to take a 30,000 foot view of these issues, rather than look at this as an isolated event. So, let’s get a little elevation here, shall we?

  • In the 2023 session, Washington passed SB 5599 which allows minors (of no minimum age) to stay in a youth shelter or “host homes” (these host homes are not licensed – God only knows!) without parental notification if the youth is seeking “protected healthcare” (abortion or “gender affirming services). Washington children over 13 already did not need parental consent, now parents don’t even get notification.
  • In the 2022 session, Washington passed SB 5883, aka the “youth homeless bill”, which allows for a youth to be considered “homeless” and receive consent by an adult other than their parents for various services. There is no verification that the youth is, in fact, homeless.
  • The “mature minor doctrine” in Washington says that children 13 and over can consent for mental health and other services without parental consent (you may have noticed your child’s healthcare provider gave them a “confidential” link to their patient portal in April of 2021. This was to get into compliance with a law already in existence.)
  • Coercive Control.” In 2022 Washington passed HB 1901 which adds “coercive control” to the state’s domestic violence laws. Coercive control is any kind of emotional abuse, manipulation, etc. Think: taking your child’s cell phone away. According to coercive control laws, this could make you an abusive parent.

The government wants to give your child access to information that you cannot deny them. They have put all the laws in place. The above are just a few of note that are connected to an issue like an online “transgender sexual education tool.” Parent denies their child access to this…ABUSE!

You need to understand the laws you’re living under. The threat is very real. The best way to protect your children: lots of open communication. You set the standard for your children, not the government. You have a God-given right and duty to do everything in your power to protect your children from the evil that abounds.

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